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Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Master System, Virtual Console
ROM size: 128kB
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Master System
¥5,000 G-1306
Sega Master System
$? 5067
Sega Master System
US (Rerelease)
$? 5067
Sega Master System
£22.95 Media:ACE UK 16.pdf[1] MK-5067-50
Sega Master System
60DM 41013
Sega Master System
$? ?
Sega Master System
₩? GB-1306-KS
Sega Master System
NT$? G-1306

Wii Virtual Console
500 points ?
Wii Virtual Console
500 points ?
Wii Virtual Console
500 points ?

Sony PlayStation 3
JP (Download)
¥571 (600) NPJB-00094

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (アレックスキッドのミラクルワールド) is a video game released in 1986 by Sega for the Sega Master System console. It is the first of several games in the Alex Kidd series, starring a character which would serve as the company's mascot for half a decade before being replaced by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World stands as one of the more popular Master System releases, having been built into many Master System consoles during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is also one of the few Master System games to have an official Korean translation. Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle may be considered a direct sequel to this game, as it continues the story of Alex's search for his father, King Sander (a.k.a. King Thunder).

The game has since been re-released for the Wii's Virtual Console service.


Alex Kidd is a platform game which bears a superficial resemblance to Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. You play as Alex, the eponymous character who lives on the planet Aries, who is an expert in the martial art of Shellcore, which enables him to break certain blocks and enemies by punching them. These blocks typically contain money, which can be spent on power-ups and extra lives in shops, however some blocks also contain power-ups, or ghosts which follow Alex until he puts enough distance between them.

In some levels, you will be able to use vehicles to assist your progress - the Sukopako Motorcycle, the Peticopter (a pedal-powered helicopter equipped with missiles) and the Suisui Boat. Throughout the game you learn that Alex is a prince of the royal family, who has been usurped by a tyrant named Janken the Great. Your goal is to free the captured royals, and defeat Janken and his henchmen in games of rock-paper-scissors followed by traditional boss fights. In addition, you must collect a series of treasures which will help you bring peace to the kingdom of Radaxian and restore the citizens who were turned into stone.


Item Description
AKiMW SunMedallion Sprite.png Sun Stone Medallion This medallion is required in order to get the Gold Crown.
AKiMW MoonlightMedallion Sprite.png Moonlight Stone Medallion Another medallion needed to unlock the door of a room where the Gold Crown is hidden.
AKiMW HirottaStone Sprite.png Hirotta Stone This stone is the key to solve a puzzle to get the final item.
AKiMW GoldCrown Sprite.png Gold Crown It holds magical powers and is the final item to finish the game.
AKiMW NibanaLetter Sprite.png Personal letter to the kingdom of Nibana You can't get the Hirotta Stone without finding this letter first, and it'll only appear after you free Alex's twin brother, Egle.
AKiMW SmallGoldBag Sprite.png Bag of Gold Coins (small) It contains 10U
AKiMW BigGoldBag Sprite.png Bag of Gold Coins (big) It contains 20U
AKiMW TelepathyBall Sprite.png Telepathy Ball It shows you what your rival is thinking while playing the rock-paper-scissors game.
AKiMW TeleportPowder Sprite.png Teleport Powder: This powder will make you invincible for a few seconds. Shop price: 100U
AKiMW PowerBracelet Sprite.png Power Bracelet: It allows Alex to perform the "Shocking Waves of Destruction", which can destroy enemies and blocks from distance. Shop price: 100U
AKiMW ExtraLife Sprite.png Alex Kidd This item represents an extra life. Shop price: 500U
AKiMW FlightCane Sprite.png Cane of Flight This cane makes you able to float to any direction, for a few seconds. Shop price: 120U
AKiMW MagicCapsuleA Sprite.png Magic Capsule A This capsule summons eight little friends which walk straight forward, hitting the enemies in their way. Shop price: 100U
AKiMW MagicCapsuleB Sprite.png Magic Capsule B Creates a barrier that protects you from one hit of an enemy. Shop price: 120U
AKiMW SukopakoItem Sprite.png Sukopako Motorcyle It allows you to move faster, also breaks rocks and destroy enemies. Shop price: 200U
AKiMW PeticopterItem Sprite.png Peticopter It allows you to fly and shoot missiles. Shop price: 200U

Special blocks

{{{imagewidths}}} Special Block 1
You can find goods inside this box, usually bag of coins.
{{{imagewidths}}} Special Block 2
This box can contain either something good or an evil ghost, break it at your own risk.
{{{imagewidths}}} Box of a Skull
Breaking this box will make Alex paralyze for a few seconds.
{{{imagewidths}}} Box in Pink
Stepping on it reveals you a secret.
{{{imagewidths}}} Skull's Box in Pink
Stepping on this box always summon a ghost.


{{{imagewidths}}} Monster Bird
Monster Bird is the first enemy you see in the game. It can only fly horizontally offering very little danger.
Points: 200
{{{imagewidths}}} Monster Frog
It jumps vertically on the same block, being about as easy as Monster Bird. You face Monster Frog for the first time at the second half of Mt. Eternal.
Points: 200
{{{imagewidths}}} Scorpion
Another common enemy, first seen at the second half of Mt. Eternal, Scorpion can only walk horizontally being an easy target.
Points: 200
{{{imagewidths}}} Small Poisonous Fish
Its first appearance is in Mt. Eternal, at the undersea part of the first half. Like Monster Bird and Scorpion, it only moves horizontally.
Points: 200
{{{imagewidths}}} Flying Fish
Flying Fish is first seen at the second part of The Island of St. Nurari. It comes from the bottom of the screen, jumping out of the water in a curved movement.
Points: 200
{{{imagewidths}}} Rolling Rock
Rolling Rock is first seen at the first half of Mt. Kave, and only moves horizontally.
Points: 200
{{{imagewidths}}} Bat
Also found for the first time in Mt. Kave, just a little ahead of Rolling Rock, Bat flies horizontally, moving a little up and down at the same time.
Points: 400
{{{imagewidths}}} Monkey
Monkey is first seen at The Blakwoods. It sits on the higher branches of trees, flinging green fruits at you.
Points: 400
{{{imagewidths}}} Hopper
First seen at the second part of The Village of Namui, it moves horizontally while hopping, as the name implies. Unlike most monsters, Hopper can fall into deadly spots, such as lava.
Points: 400
{{{imagewidths}}} Killer Fish
Killer Fish moves horizontally and go up and down at the same time, being sort of challenging for beginners. It is first featured at the second half of Mt. Eternal.
Points: 400
{{{imagewidths}}} Sea Horse
Sea Horse can move to any directions and its main characteristic is the way it tries to avoid you. First seen in Lake Fathom.
Points: 400
{{{imagewidths}}} Merman
Like Small Poisonous Fish, Merman is first seen at the undersea part of Mt. Eternal. It moves vertically and occasionally releases deadly bubbles.
Points: 600
{{{imagewidths}}} Ox
Ox is a charging bull mini-boss, found at the end of The Village of Namui. It initially moves very slowly, but becomes faster after each time you hit it.
Points: 600
{{{imagewidths}}} Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear is a sword-wielding bear mini-boss found at The Blakwood.
Points: 800
{{{imagewidths}}} Rice Ball
The manual lists it as an enemy although it is an item, which is found at the end of each part of each level; it also appears after a boss is defeated.
Points: 1,000
{{{imagewidths}}} Octopus
Octopus has a long tentacle, composed of eight destructible parts. It is first found in Lake Fathom.
Points: 4,200


{{{imagewidths}}} Gooseka the Slippery
Gooseka, named Stone Head in the English version of the game, is the third henchman of Janken The Great. He represents the stone of the rock-paper-scissors game and is first seen at the end of Mr. Eternal.
Points: 2,000
{{{imagewidths}}} Chokkinna the Sly
Chokkinna, named Scissors Head in the English version of the game, is the second henchman of Janken The Great. He represents the scissors of the rock-paper-scissors game and is first seen in Mt. Kave.
Points: 2,000
{{{imagewidths}}} Parplin the Pursuer
Parplin, named Paper Head in the English version of the game, is the first henchman of Janken The Great. He represents the paper of the rock-paper-scissors game and is first seen in Bingoo Lowland.
Points: 2,000
{{{imagewidths}}} Janken the Great
Janken The Great is an expert at the rock-paper-scissors game, and the emperor of the planet Janbarik. His plan is to take over the city of Radaxian. You face him in Cragg Lake, as the final the boss, although the game does not end after his defeat.
Points: 10,000


AKiMW Mt Eternal.png Mt. Eternal
Second half of this level includes a shop where you buy your first Motorcycle.
AKiMW Lake Fathom.png Lake Fathom
A hidden area can be found under one of the octopuses.
AKiMW St Nurari.png The Island of St. Nurari
First Peticopter level.
AKiMW Village of Namui.png The Village of Namui
The boss for this level is a charging bull.
AKiMW Mt Kave.png Mt. Kave
Collect an item which allows you to read opponents' thoughts in rock-paper-scissors matches.
AKiMW Blakwoods.png The Blakwoods
Lots of tricky jumps over spike traps and a sword-wielding bear for a boss.
AKiMW Bingoo Lowland.png Bingoo Lowland
Has clouds that shoot columns of lightning.
AKiMW Radaxian Castle.png The Radaxian Castle
Rescue Alex's brother at the end of this maze-like castle.
AKiMW City of Radaxian.png The City of Radaxian
AKiMW Nibana.png The Kingdom of Nibana
AKiMW Janken.png Janken
Fight Janken at the end of a long and difficult castle.
AKiMW Cragg Lake.png Cragg Lake
Enter the correct sequence in the cavern under the lake to receive the final item and complete the game.


  • The first release of this game had the actions of buttons 1 and 2 swapped around. It was later changed with its Master System II inclusion to better correlate with other games out at the time.
  • In the Japanese release, Alex collects a rice ball to complete a level and is seen eating it on the following map screen. This was changed to a hamburger in western releases, since rice balls are a food particular to Japan only.



The review website Honest Gamers awarded the title a 9 out of 10, complimenting its "inimitable" music, "innovative" use of different items, and balanced level of difficulty.[3]


The French pop punk band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have a song named after the game on the initial release of their album Something for Nothing.

Production credits

By: Kotaro, Yoko Matilda, Rie Wakashimazu, Papa Kouichi, Toku, Bully Kaori, Bullied Toshi

Based on other known roles, a more detailed credit list would be as follows:
Planner: Kotaro
Art Designer: Yoko Matilda, Rie Wakashimazu
Programmer: Papa Kouichi
Sound: Toku
Special Thanks: Bully Kaori, Bullied Toshi

Magazine articles

Main article: Alex Kidd in Miracle World/Magazine articles.



Physical scans

Master System version

Sega Retro Average 
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87 №1, p47
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91 2006-09-09
52 №16, p31
93 2006-04-04
90 2008-06-21
99 №1, p21
80 1986-04
90 2008-01-25
85 2010-01-19
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65 №50
91 2006-08-04
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Master System, BR
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