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Publisher: Virgin Games
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 1MB
Genre: Shoot-'em-up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
1992-09Media:SegaVisions US 09.pdf[1] $59.99Media:GamePro US 036.pdf[2] 70016
Sega Mega Drive
1992-09Media:MDAG UK 01.pdf[3] £39.99Media:MDAG UK 01.pdf[3]Media:CVG UK 133.pdf[4] T-70016-50

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Corporation, is a first person shooter game originally developed for the Commodore Amiga computer by Core Design, before being ported to the Sega Mega Drive in 1992. The North American version of the game was renamed Cyber-Cop for unknown reasons, though peculiarly mentions the original title on the game's cover.

Corporation's Amiga release pre-dates id Software's attempts at first person shooters (namely Hovertank 3D, Catacomb 3-D and the more widely known Wolfenstein 3D), meaning it stands as a milestone in the genre. Though walls and floors are untextured, it was the first FPS game to include (primitive) dynamic lighting, and also features role-playing, stealth and hacking elements. Core Design would later produce other attempts at first and third person shooters, such as Soul Star, Thunderhawk and Battlecorps on the Sega Mega-CD.

The game was widely praised at the time of release for its display of then-innovative technology, though by modern standards is considered to be a very slow game with difficult control mechanics.

Production credits

  • Developed By: Core Design Ltd
  • Game Desgin and Graphics By: Kevin Bulmer
  • Programmed By: William Allen
  • Music and Sound Effects By: Krisalis Software Ltd
  • Produced and Copyrighted By: Virgin Games Inc
  • Product Manager: Lyle J Hall II
  • Quality Assurance: Lyle J Hall II, Tom Tallarico, Michael Gater, Ron Friedman, Noah Tool
  • Manual By: Lyle J Hall II
  • Edited By: Lisa Marcinko

Promotional material

SegaVisions US 07.pdf

Mega Drive print advert in

Sega Visions (US) #7: "Winter 1991/1992" (1991-xx-xx)

Mega UK 01.pdf Mega UK 01.pdf

Mega Drive print advert in

Mega (UK) #1: "October 1992" (1992-xx-xx)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
70 №10, p76/77/78
87 №133, p84Media:CVG UK 133.pdf[4]Media:CVG UK 133.pdf
70 №36, p44Media:GamePro US 036.pdf[2]Media:GamePro US 036.pdf
85 №10, p36/37
82 №14
89 №32, p173
75 №1, p45/46/47
78 №3, p45Media:Mega UK 03.pdf[5]Media:Mega UK 03.pdf
87 №6, p28/29/30
86 №20, p100-102Media:MeanMachines UK 20.pdf[6]Media:MeanMachines UK 20.pdf
91 №25, p102/103
80 №33, p32/33
95 №8, p46/47Media:SegaPro UK 08.pdf[7]Media:SegaPro UK 08.pdf
90 №18, p64
91 №7, p64/65Media:SegaForce UK 07.pdf[8]Media:SegaForce UK 07.pdf
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Mega Drive, US
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Cyber-Cop MD US Manual.pdf
Mega Drive, EU
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