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Holosseum title.png
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega System 32
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade US 1992 $?  ?

Holosseum (ホロシアム) is a 1992 fighting game for the Sega System 32 arcade hardware by Sega. It is the second of two games Sega made that used a cabinet setup with the screen's image being reflected onto a curved mirror, giving the effect of a hologram. According to System16, the other game, the LaserDisc game Time Traveler, had hardware problems and as such Holosseum was produced to replace Time Traveller cabinets. Holosseum was not released outside the United States.


Physical Scans

Arcade 100 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 1 review
Publication Score Source
100 №6, p46/47
System 32, US