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Metal Head
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega 32X
ROM size: 3MB
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega 32X
¥7,800 GM-4008
Sega 32X
$? 84511
Sega 32X
£? 84511-50
Sega 32X
$? 152060
Sega 32X
? 84511

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Metal Head (メタルヘッド) is a Sega 32X action game developed and published by Sega.


Metal Head is an early first-person shooter, in which the player controls a bipedal mech tasked with destroying enemies on the map. It is one of the few 32X games to take place in a full 3D environment (with textured polygons), though comes at the expense of relatively low draw distances and frame rates. There is also a large amount of digitized speech.



Metal Head was first announced in mid-1994, although at the time the game was in a very early state of production, with the only available footage being pre-rendered scenes and technical demos. It was originally planned to be a launch title for the 32X, however a series of troubles put the game back a few months until early 1995.

Production Credits


Producer: Koichi Nagata
Director: Masahide Kobayashi
Metal Head Team Leader: Masahiro Wakayama
Chief Graphic Designer: Koichi Sasaki
Graphics Designer: Tsuyoshi Tsunoi, Tsutomu Nakatsugawa, Kazuki Aizawa, Maiko Kitagawa
Chief Programmer: Masahiro Wakayama
Programmer: Naoki Kobayashi, Akio Setsumasa, Takeshi Sakakibara, Nobuyuki Tanioka
Main Planner: Ryutaro Nonaka
Planner: Katsunori Yamaji, Hideki Anbo
Additional Graphics: Akio Setsumasa, Norihiro Sekine
Sound Designer: Jun Senoue, Atsumu Miyazawa, Yoshiaki Kashima, Teruhiko Nakagawa, Tatsuya Kouzaki
Text Coordinator: Ryoichi Hasegawa
Character Voices: David Leytze, Steve Ray Burton, Henry Giesen, James Spahn, Scott Alexander
Special Thanks: Tatsutoshi Narita, Shinji Kawahira, Naoyuki Machida, Norihiro Sekine, Koji Umeda, and All Testers
Presented by: Sega Enterprises, Ltd.

~US manual~

Producer: Jesse Taylor
Marketing Manager: Haven Dubrul
Associate Producer: Greg Becksted
Lead Testers: Atom Ellis, Peter Clark, Dave Dodge
Testers: Rick Greer, John Melchoir, Roger Somerville, Peter Trkovksy, Mark Subotnick, Edward Riel, Jon Ries, Joe Cain, Rachel Briston, Jennifer Vernon, Patrick Tello, Arnold Feener, Jason Friedman, Erick Simonich, Dana Green, Kenneth Ratcliff, Stan Weaver, Bart Larrenaga, Leonard Sayers, Ilya Reeves, Crisi Albertson, Chris Lucich, Howard Gipson
Special Thanks: Anne Jordan, Shelly Berliner, Clint Dyer, Eric Smith
Manual: Wendy Dinsmore

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75 №4/95, p76-78Media:MegaFun DE 1995-04.pdf
87 №29, p66-68Media:MeanMachinesSega29UK.pdf
40 №4, p90Media:NextGeneration US 04.pdf
72 №53, p103
87 №14, p80/81
76 №65, p57
80 №43, p48/49
71 №5, p79
69 №4/95, p89Media:VideoGames DE 1995-04.pdf
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32X, US
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