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Publisher: Taito

Developer: Taito

System(s): Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear

ROM Size: 256kB

Genre: Action

Number of Players: 1

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Master System US 1989 $? 7022
Sega Master System EU 1989 £24.95 MK-7022-50
Sega Master System BR 19xx $?  ?
Sega Game Gear JP 1991-08-09 ¥4,500 T-11037

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Rastan Saga is a 1987 sidescrolling action game originally developed by Taito for the arcades; it was ported to the Master System in 1989 as Rastan, since there was no Japanese release. A Game Gear version of the port followed in 1991, which was released in Japan (Japan-only, even), so the Rastan Saga (ラスタン・サーガ) name was used.

The game was followed by Rastan Saga II for the Mega Drive, a name used even for its US release.


Physical Scans

Master System Version

Sega Master System 78 Sega Retro Average
Based on 11 reviews
Publication Score Source
ACE 78 №19, p60
Complete Guide to Consoles 79 №1, p68
Complete Guide to Consoles 79 №4, p105
Computer & Video Games 73 №89, p90/91
EGM 75 №1
The Games Machine (UK) 43 №17, p50
MicroMania 70 №2/22
S: The Sega Magazine 91 №6, p32
Sega Power 79 №23, p41
Sega Power 100 №23, p59
Sega Pro 88 №5, p51
Master System, US
Rastan SMS US Box.jpg


Rastan sms us manual.pdf
Master System, EU
Rastan SMS EU Box NoR.jpg


Master System, EU
® variant
Rastan SMS EU Box R.jpg


Master System, BR
Rastan SMS BR Box.jpg


Game Gear Version

Sega Game Gear 75 Sega Retro Average
Based on 6 reviews
Publication Score Source
Consoles + 80 №2, p111
Computer & Video Games 83 №121, pGo!18
Game Zone 28 №1, p62
Joystick 86 №20, p141
Sega Pro 86 №1, p67
Sega Pro 86 №13, p27
Game Gear, JP
RastanSaga GG JP Box Front.jpg


RastanSaga GG JP Cart.jpg