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Sega Smash Pack gbatitle.png
Sega Smash Pack
Publisher: Sega (EU), THQ (US)
Game total: 3
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Genre: Compilation

Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
€? ? AGB-P-A3PP

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Sega Smash Pack is a compilation for the Game Boy Advance featuring ports of 3 Sega Mega Drive games: Sonic Spinball, Golden Axe, and Ecco the Dolphin. While the games are a little watered down, they play basically identically to the originals. Golden Axe lacks its cooperative 2-player mode, perhaps due to the logistics involved in implementing this (the games were always single-player only).

Games included

Production credits

Lead Programmer: John Panettiere
Executive Producer for Sega: Scott Hawkins
Producer for Codefire: Daniel Rismann
Project Coordinator: Rick "Maverick" Ribble Jr.
Executive Producer for THQ: Brian Christian
Producer for THQ: Josh Austin
Additional Artwork: Chris Meyer, Patrick Bradford, John Panettiere
Golden Axe for Sega Genesis: Sega Enterprises
Ecco for Sega Genesis: Novotrade International
Sonic Spinball Genesis by: Sega Technical Institute

Sega QA Department

Project Test Lead: Daniel Chang
Testers: Eric Gray, Phoenix Valencia, Patrick Goodspeed, Adam Zehring

THQ QA Department

Lead Tester: George Erwin
Testers: Philip Frantzis, Herman Lee
QA Technician: Mario Waibel
QA Database Administrator: Jason Roberts
QA Manager: Monica Vallejo
Director of Quality Assurance: Jeremy S. Barnes

Special Thanks: Shinobu Toyoda, Michael Williams, Doug Broadhurst, Jack Loh, John Goodale, Heather Hall, Derek C. Smith, Kathy Schoback, Roxanna Hui, Izora Garcia De Lillard, David Rudolph, Judy Jette, Debra Kirkham, Arnold Feener, Mike McCollum, Robert Morgan, Ed Annunziata, Satoshi Okano, Csaba Soltesz, Jerry Markota, Wilco Ibes, Steve Snake, Alex Vaughn, Shinobu Shindo, Makoto Uchida, WOW Entertainment, Ben Briones, Sandy Castagnola, Whitney Pease


Physical scans

Game Boy Advance, US
SegaSmashpack gba us cover.png
Game Boy Advance, EU
SegaSmashPack GBA EU Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSmashpack EU-gba.jpg
SegaSmashpack euCart.JPG