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Fast facts on the Super Control Station SF-7000
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: SC-3000
Release Date RRP Code
¥79,800 [1] SF-7000
$599.00 SF7000
$599.95 ?

The Super Control Station (スーパーコントロール・ステーション) SF-7000 is an add-on to the SC-3000 home computer, manufactured by Sega. It debuted in 1984 for the asking price of ¥79,800.

The SF-7000 allows the user to run software off 3-inch floppy disks, as well as adding a further 64kB of RAM, 8kB of ROM, a Centronics parallel port and an RS-232 serial port. It is an extremely rare and very expensive item, and because it relied on the 3-inch floppy disk standard rather than the far more common 3½-inch or 5¼-inch varieties, software is equally rare.


Australian Version

Australian Version (Alternate)

Physical Scans

SF-7000, JP
SF7000 JP Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSF7000 JP Box Front.jpg
SF-7000, AU
Super Control Station SF7000 AU Box Top.jpg
Super Control Station SF7000 AU Box Back.jpgSuper Control Station SF7000 AU Box Side1.jpgSuper Control Station SF7000 AU Box Front.jpg

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