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The Sega Game Gear had a battery problem. It soon became apparent that six AA batteries for roughly six hours of play was an expensive and wasteful way of gaming on the go. To compensate, Sega produced the Game Gear Battery Pack and later Game Gear PowerBack, but a number of third party manufacturers took on the challenge too.


Turbo Twins (Naki)

Naki produced two sets of Turbo Twins, an earlier set that could only handle three hours, and a later set which could manage six.

Game Gear, (3 hour)
TurboTwins GG Box Back.jpgNospine.pngTurboTwins GG Box Front.jpg


Game Gear, (6 hour)
TurboTwins GG Box Back Alt.jpgNospine.pngTurboTwins GG Box Front Alt.jpg


Power Grip (Gamester)

Game Gear,
PowerGrip GG Box Front.jpg


PowerGrip GG.jpg
Power Grip

Power Pak (Performance)

Game Gear,
PowerPak GG Box Front.jpg


Rechargable Battery Pack (Recoton)

Game Gear,
RechargableBatteryRecoton GG Box Front.jpg


RechargableBatteryRecoton GG.jpg
Battery Pack

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