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Acid Software
Founded: 1990
Defunct: 19xx
Headquarters: St Kevin's Arcade, Karangahape Road, Auckland, New Zealand

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Acid Software, was a game label created in 1990 by Auckland-based software company Armstrong Communications Limited[1], founded on October 24, 1989 by New Zealander software engineer Simon Selwyn Armstrong after working three years as Principal Software Engineer in the development of the "Color Vision" system[2], the world's first in store colour visualiser (paint and coating products), jointly developed by software companies Colwell General Inc. (Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States) and Target Computers Limited (Auckland, New Zealand) under contract of Epiglass Limited (Auckland, New Zealand), a company focused on paints and coatings, amalgamated on October 31, 2003[3] into Akzo Nobel Coatings Limited as a division of the Dutch multinational company Akzo Nobel N.V..

Specialized in broadcast industry (sports statistics) and an active provider of embedded software development services to local embedded electronics companies, the company also published several video games and development tools[4] for the Amiga home computer under Acid Software's label.

The company shared[5][6][7] the same business address with New Zealander video game development company Vision Software[8], founded in 1991 by fellow developers Paul Andrews and Rodney Smith, who from 1989 to 1991 along with fellow programmers Cameron McKechnie and Mark Sibly[9][10][11][12] (Mark Alexander Sibly, developer[13][14] of the programming language Blitz Basic), developed games for the Amiga computer under the business name of Art Computer Software.


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