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VR Soccer
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Interplay (US), Naxat Soft (JP)
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (1 track)
Genre: Sports[1][2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,8005,800 T-18706G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega Saturn
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Non-Sega versions

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VR Soccer, known as Actua Soccer (アクチャーサッカー) in Japan, is a football game for the Sega Saturn. It was not released in Europe, who instead received Actua Soccer Club Edition.

In North America, the game was announced as VR Soccer '96[4], dropping the "'96" late in development. As a result of this, the game was advertised as VR Soccer '96 and still often refers to itself by this name



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Northern Ireland competes under an unofficial flag, using the Nordic cross flag with a similar colour scheme to England's.


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) VR Soccer VR Soccer
Japanese アクチャーサッカー Actua Soccer

Production credits

For VR Sports
  • Director of Sports Development: Matt Findley
  • Producer: Chris Parker
  • Line Producer: Jeff Barnhart
  • VR Sports Logo Animation: Adam Rote
  • 2D Art: Dave Finley
  • Director of Quality Assurance: Chad Allison
  • Assist. Director of QA: Colin Totman
  • Lead Testers: Doug Avery
  • Testers: Greg Baumeister, Kaycee Vardaman, Chris Keenen, Tony Martin
For Gremlin Interactive
  • Game Design: Andy Findlay, Kevin Dudley, Ade Carless
  • Programming: Andy Findlay, Laurent Noel, Richard Stevenson, Kevin Dudley
  • Lead Artist: Wayne Laybourn
  • Additional Artists: Oliver Murry, Matt Furniss, Martin Calpin, Les Spink
  • FMV Video: Alan Coltan, David Lewis, Jim Tibutt
  • Motion Capture Technology: Paul Hiley, Ben Wilson, Mick Sheehan, Tony Wills
  • Commentary: Barry Davies
  • Soccer Players: Chris Woods, Andy Sinton, Graham Hyde
  • Team Data Research: Rob Millington
  • Sound Technology: Human Machine Interface Ltd.
  • Music and Sound Effects: Neil Biggin, Patrick Phelan
  • Producer: Tony Casson
  • Manual Design and Layout: Malchick Nostra
  • Software Manager: Tim Heaton
  • Product Director: James North-hearn
  • Quality Assurance: Rob Millington, Lee Campbell, Sim Furniss, Tony Howe, Carl Bilby
US manual
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Magazine articles

Main article: VR Soccer/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in Game Players (US) #0904: "Vol. 9 No. 4 April 1996" (1996-03-19)
also published in:
Print advert in Game Players (US) #0904: "Vol. 9 No. 4 April 1996" (1996-03-19)
also published in:
Print advert in Next Generation (US) #19: "July 1996" (1996-06-18)
also published in:

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VR Soccer

Saturn, JP
ActuaSoccer Saturn JP Box Back.jpgActuaSoccer Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
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ActuaSoccer sat JP manual.pdf
Saturn, US
VRSoccer Saturn US Box Back.jpgVRSoccer Saturn US Box Front.jpg
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Vrsoccer sat us manual.pdf

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
180,603,024 1996-08-22 CD-ROM (JP) T-18706G V1.100
Sega Saturn
107,613,408 CD-ROM (US) T-12517H V1.002


VR Soccer

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