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Manufacturer: Aiwa
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥45,000 (46,350)45000e[1] CSD-G1M

The Aiwa Mega-CD, also known as the Aiwa CSD-G1M, is an Aiwa CD player which features compatibility with Sega Mega Drive and Sega Mega-CD games. Released exclusively in Japan in September 1994, the device is notable for being one of the rarest Mega Drive variants ever produced.


The Aiwa Mega-CD is comprised of two components: a CD and compact cassette player with radio functionality, and a matching dock which adds the game hardware. The two components interface via a separate connection cable.

Due to the Sega Mega Drive cartridge slot being located on the very bottom-front of the dock, there is not enough clearance to attach a Sega 32X. However, if the unit is seated on the edge of a shelf, or rotated and seated on its side, a 32X can be attached and will function properly (although the weight of the 32X will place unnecessary wear on the cartridge connectors, and is not advised for such limited-release hardware.)


Physical scans

Mega Drive, JP


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