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Devi & Pii
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action[1]

Number of players: 1-2
Official in-game languages:
  • 日本語
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    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive

    Devi & Pii, known as Devi to Pii (でびとぴー) in Japan, is an action game for the Sega Mega Drive. Though developed as early as 1992, it was never officially announced in any media during this period and remained unreleased until its inclusion as a bonus game in the Mega Drive Mini 2 in 2022.


    Taro and Hanako, two siblings, have been summoned to Heaven by the Goddess as she needs their help in bringing back the "Pii", angels who have never returned from their trip to other worlds, and to complete this request, she has transformed the two siblings into paddles. However, the siblings must watch out for little devils known as "Devi" that will hinder their every move.


    Devi & Pii has the player control two paddles, each on both vertical ends of the screen, and must use the top paddle to catch the Pii and the bottom paddle to attack the Devi. The top paddle is controlled using A and B, while the bottom paddle is controlled using Left and Right. To perform a "Devi Attack", the player must hit a Devi with the side of the bottom paddle to send them flying, which will take out enemies and other Devi, and turn Pii into Recovery Stock and Use Stock items. If the player misses a Pii or lets a Devi touch the top of the bottom paddle, the playing field will shrink, and the game will end if the playing field shrinks too much in that the paddle areas collide or the field shrinks past red arrows. The Recovery Stock and Use Stock items can be used to restore the field's size.

    The game has a total of seven Rounds with five Stages each. To clear Stages, the player is required to collect a certain number of Pii to fulfill a quota. The first Stage has the player set a single Pii free using Devi Attacks to destroy the barrier surrounding the Pii, while subsequent Stages task the player with rescuing a lot of Pii. The final Stage of each Round features a boss that the player must defeat using Devi Attacks while avoiding the boss's attacks in order to proceed. Clearing the first three Stages of a Round will award the player with a bonus relative to the size of the field, which is taken from the quota of the next Stage, and a perfect bonus will be awarded if the Stage was cleared at the field's maximum height. Pausing the game and pressing C will skip Stages.

    The game can be played in single player, though it can also be played in 2 Player Cooperative mode in which both players share a wider playing field and must work together controlling their own pairs of paddles to clear each Stage, or a 2 Player Competitive mode in which both players have their own playing field and must attack each other to win.


    Special characters will occasionally appear on the playing field:

    Drops an item if he is hit by a Devi.
    Catch her with the top paddle to recover both sides of the field. If she is hit by a Devi, she will become enraged and shrink the field.


    Recovery Stock
    Pii attacked with Devi will turn into this. Stock used for field recovery.
    Use Stock
    Red Pii attacked with Devi will turn into this. Collecting this allows a player to use their Stock to restore the field. Press Up or Down to decide which side of the field to recover.
    Restores a little bit of the field.
    Recovers the entire field.
    Speed Up
    Increases the paddles' speed.
    Turns the paddles yellow and makes them larger.
    Turns the paddles red, powering up the Devi Attack.
    Swaps the top and bottom paddles.
    Allows the player to continue after a Game Over. Can be earned in the field or by getting a Perfect Clear.
    Stops Devi from appearing for a short time.
    Stops Pii from appearing for a short time.
    Stock used for attacking the other player in 2 Player Competitive mode.
    Collecting this allows a player to use their Stock to attack their opponent's field. Press Up or Down to decide which side of the field to attack. Appears only in 2 Player Competitive mode.


    After clearing Round 1, Rounds 2 through 6 can be played in any order the player likes.


    Round 1


    Round 2


    Round 3


    Round 4


    Round 5


    Round 6


    Round 7


    Devi & Pii was originally planned and designed in 1992 by Takashi Iizuka as part of his newcomer training when he first joined Sega, about a year before his involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog 3. A final build of the game was created and kept by Iizuka for years without a release, though is slightly incomplete in some areas. During development of Sega Ages Virtua Racing, M2 learned about Devi & Pii's existence from a programmer who had worked on the game as a colleague of Iizuka, and after trying out the game Yosuke Okunari thought it would be interesting to include it in the Mega Drive Mini 2 project[2].

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