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Nissho Iwai
Founded: 1968[1]
Merged with: Nichimen Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Japan

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Nissho Iwai Co., Ltd. (日商岩井株式会社) was a Japanese trading company, electronics manufacturer, and video game distributor.


Nissho Iwai is notable for assisting Sega with development of the early internet gameplay service XBAND.

In the 1990s, Sega awarded Nissho Iwai the product distribution rights for the countries of Hungary, Poland, Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

In 2004, Nissho Iwai and fellow trading company Nichimen Co., Ltd. (ニチメン株式会社) merged to form Sojitz Co., Ltd. (双日株式会社).


Nissho Iwai has distributed video game products to the following countries.



Poster-catalog added to Mega Drive in Hungarian, Russian and Polish.

Launch titles and accessories

As Nissho Iwai became the exclusive importer of Sega, they released several games and accessories as launch titles. Information about these games could be found in the poster-catalog added to Mega Drive.

It is worth adding that some of these titles were released a second time by Nissho Iwai, because they replaced the former distributor who resigned from being a Sega game dealers in this countries for various reasons, so some of these titles were released for the second time in Hungary for MD, SMS, GG, in Poland for SMS, and in Russia only Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Mega Drive[4]

Master System[5]

Game Gear[5]

Mega CD

Mega Drive 32X

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