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Sega Freaks (セガフリークス) is a set of Sega-related trading cards released only in Japan.

Cards were distributed in the usual fashion of foil packets,with each pack containing a total of 10 cards.[1]

The main series was split into 3 different "Selections", each containing 60 cards. The various "Selections" seemingly focused on various parts of SEGA's present and past at the time of the cards release. Each "Selection" contains 5 Prism Cards.[1][2]

In addition to this, several special versions of games (usually first pressings) also contained various numbers of cards based on that game as bonus items, and buying each game was the only way to complete the set.

There are 223 cards in total (180 Regular Cards over 3 "Selections", 33 cards split over various games, 3 Unknown cards, 6 Limited Deluxe Prism Cards and 1 "Special Lucky" Card).

The cards were released between 1996.09.22 (Selection 1)[1] and 1998.07.23 (Lunar 2 Eternal Blue First Press Bonus).

Selection 1

Release Date: 1996.09.22[1]

Note: [P] = Prism Card

Selection 2

Release Date: 1996.11.22[3]

Note: [P] = Prism Card

Lunar: Silver Star Story MPEG-ban First Press Bonus Cards

Release Date: 1997.07.04

Selection 3

Release Date: 1997.08.22[4]

Note: [P] = Prism Card

Note: This set of cards is the first of two that make up an larger image when cards 181-189 are side by side, making a large image of the game "Sonic Jam".

The large image is demonstrated below:

Selection 3 Limited Deluxe Prism Cards

Release Date: 1997.08.22 (Released Within Selection 3)[4]

Note: [DX] = Deluxe Prism Ver. Card

Magic School Lunar! First Press Bonus Cards

Release Date: 1997.11.20

Unknown Cards

Release Date: 1997.11.??

(The release month and year is an educated guess based on the release dates of the cards before and after this set.

Release day is currently impossible to know.)

Note: There is no documentation anywhere of the existence of these cards, even on the Japanese web (only people questioning if anyone knows anything about them), or what they may well even be. The search continues for these elusive cards until they are either found or are proven to have been a misprint and simply not exist.

Blue Breaker: Ken yorimo Hohoemi wo First Press Bonus Cards

Release Date: 1997.11.27

Note: [P] = Prism Card

Note: This set of cards are the second of two that make up an larger image when all cards are side by side, this time for the game "Blue Breaker: Ken yorimo Hohoemi wo".

Strangely in this case, there was seemingly a misprint in the card number order and corresponding large image piece, and as such, if they are set out in the correct numbering order of 199-207, the large image will be out of order. To see the larger image as it is meant to be seen, the cards placed in the order of 199, 202, 205, 200, 203, 206, 201, 204, 207.

The incorrect and correct order for display are demonstrated below:

Interestingly, only 6 of the 9 cards were actually included inside the packaging of this edition of the game (199, 201, 202, 204, 205 & 207). The missing Prism cards (200, 203 & 206) had to be sent away for with a small paper form found only inside of this edition of the game.

The instructions were to send the form back to the address listed on the back of the paper form, along with 90 Yen (‎¥‎90) attached to cover shipping costs, and a return address before New Years Eve 1997 (1997.12.31) to be eligible to have the missing cards sent to you. After this date, it may have been impossible to get them.

The above mentioned paper form is pictured below:

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue First Press Bonus Cards

Release Date: 1998.07.23

Sega Freaks Special Lucky Card

Release Date: 1996.11.22 (Released Within Selection 2)[3][2]

Note: This card is extremely rare. It is seemingly unnumbered. From an old thread on AssemblerGames forums, this card would allow you to send off for a limited edition Sega Freaks Card Holder (different to the regular version), of which only 3000 were available.[2][5]

It was also advertised on the front of the Sega Freaks "Selection 2" retail box, as shown below:

More information will be added as and when as it is known.

Retail Foil Packets

First Release Date: 1996.09.22 (Selection 1)[1]

Retail Price: ¥300[1]

Note: These are images of the foil packets the cards were contained inside of.

Retail Boxes

First Release Date: 1996.09.22 (Selection 1)[1]

Retail Price: ¥?

Note: These are images of the boxes containing the card foil packs that were sent to retailers.

Sega Freaks File (Card Holder)

Release Date: 1996.11.22[2]

Retail Price: ¥1,500[2]

Sega Freaks Limited Edition Card Holder

First Release Date: 1996.11.22 (During Selection 2's Release)

Retail Price: N/A

Note: This was a limited edition item of which only 3000 were available. To obtain one, you had to find the "Special Lucky Card" and trade it for this special card holder. More information on the "Special Lucky Card can be found further up on this page.

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