Sega Village Ocean Village Two

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Sega Village Ocean Village Two
Opened: 2007
Closed: 2009

Sega Village Ocean Village Two, officially known as Sega Village, was a Sega amusement arcade situated on the Ocean Village Two cruise ship[1][2], owned by British-American cruise line Ocean Village, based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

The creation of the games room brought forth a return to the operation of licenced amusement arcades by Sega Amusements Europe after a two year absence in the sector; their licence agreement with The Leisure Exchange PLC for the running of their Sega Park centres in the United Kingdom expired in 2005, although numerous venues retained their branding until their closure.

The room is believed to have closed after the completion of the ship's final voyage under Ocean Village, on which it embarked on 22 October 2009[3]. Ocean Village Two herself was scrapped in November 2020 after changing ownership twice.


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