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SonicTimes US 1994-10.pdf
Sonic Times
Publisher: Sega
Country of origin: United States
Backed systems: Sega Mega Drive
First issue date:
Frequency: Monthly, Bimonthly

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Sonic Times is a promotional newsletter sent to Sega retailers during the height of the Sega Genesis' popularity in the United States produced by Sega of America's merchandising department. The content of the eight-page mini-magazine is geared specifically towards retail stores, detailing marketing schedules, top games being sold, upcoming first- and third-party games, and work done with Sega of America's non-profit wing, the Sega Foundation.

Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
0201 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0202 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0203 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0204 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0205 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0206 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0207 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0208 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0209 Logo-pdf.svg Volume 2 Number 9: October 1994 1994-xx-xx
0301 xxxx xxxx 199x-xx-xx
0302 Sonictimes april95.jpg Volume 3 Number 2: April/May 1995 199x-xx-xx