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UltraPlayer FR 36.pdf
Ultra Player
Publisher: Média Système Édition
Country of origin: France
First issue date:
Last issue date: 199x-xx-xx

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Ultra Player was a video game magazine published in France as a sister publication to Player One. For its first 35 issues it was a Nintendo-centric magazine, but became multi-format in issue #36.


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Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
36 Logo-pdf.svg Juillet/Août 1996 1996-07-02[1]
37 Logo-pdf.svg Septembre/Octobre 1996 1996-09-05[2]
38 Logo-pdf.svg Novembre/Décembre 1996 1996-10-31[3]
39 Logo-pdf.svg Janvier/Février 1997 199x-xx-xx