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[17:53] <taizou> have you ever seen that 3 in 1 with lightgun games?
[17:55] <taizou> i saw it once on ruten. and i guess sky league have dumped it
[17:55] <taizou> its developed by something gamtec-connected
shin samurai spirits? I have a feeling my life is about to get harder... (for example, Nice Code in the AtGames thread) I'll join after migrating everything
temporary notes to self: [ sintax's old website] (sintax is a subsidiary of gamtec that seems to have dealt exclusively with the Game Boy and GBC) also
TODO: GoodGen names, credits, "MD Compatible" series

This list collects who made it (publisher and/or developer), when, do we know the right name, is it dumped, and which are the real scans (and not pirates of them).

I am foregoing license hacks like A Bug's Life and Pocket Monster II for now. The issue remaining when I do add them (merging Black Squirrel's stuff with mine) is figuring out which are Glorysun hacks and which are the real deal...

Scans/pics of pressings in Relevant Links will be known legit unless otherwise noted.

Later I need to add information on whether or not dumps have been verified by other people to be good dumps from the originals... According to Eke some dumps have been edited (though I have to check the checksums to see if they match the ones in no-intro). Aq Renkan Awa (and for that matter, Ma Qiao E Mo Ta and World Pro Baseball 94, though those aren't named as hacked) is ridiculously common so that should be trivial to do...

"Simplified Chinese" versions are hacks of the originals by other people and are not listed. I need to confirm this in the case Tun Shi TIan Di III. The various Chinese translations of official games are also not listed (I need to confirm if the Sangokushi Retsuden is indeed official or not)

And yes I know dumps of most, if not all, of these games are circulating on Taiwanese forums but we either can't find them or get to them (I know the Sky League dumps need you to pay to get in...) so consider dumped to mean easily accessible

Publisher Developer Title Proper Romanized Title Confirmed? Dumped? Year Notes and Relevant Links Are Our Scans Of The Original Version? Serial Number Sound Driver
BBD? (need to find out which role they did) BBD? 十三張麻將 98'美少女編/十三張麻将 美少女篇 No Yes, but in nongoodgen and thus unverified and origin unknown... perhaps assume No 1998 [1][2](neither page has confirmed legit-copy scans)
???? ???? 勁舞2000 No No [3](most likely legit given text on page — apparently needs a custom controller to play! also mentions "Kagi Electronics" as an involved company in production...)
???? ???? 新浪漫创世纪 No No No idea. I think shoemanbundy said this looks like one of those unlicensed Chinese translations, this time of Blue Almanac...
???? ???? 16 Zhang Ma Jiang Yes Yes SMPS/Z80
???? ???? 16 Tile Mahjong II No (possibly the sequel to the above?) No [4](middle one — may need to bypass referrer check for this image) I think there might be two versions of this one...
Active Enterprises FarSight Technologies Action 52 Yes Yes 1993
???? Gamtec Adventurous Boy: Mao Xian Xiao Zi Yes Yes
C&E Inc. C&E Inc. Aq Renkan Awa Yes (but there's another translation or other spellings?) Yes 1995 Yes
???? ???? 暴笑三國/Bao Xiao San Guo OR Bakushou Sangokushi/爆笑三国 No (characters and transliteration provided by shoemanbundy) Two alternate revisions are in nongoodgen... No clue about this one other than the pirate dumps and what shoemanbundy said (which is what's said here)... The latter version of the name is listed on a Chinese forum who doesn't know who made this. Brandon Cobb (Super Fighter Team) confirms it was not made by C&E. More investigation is needed. C&E's custom (stolen)
???? Chuanpu Barver Battle Saga: Tai Kong Zhan Shi Yes (but is there a longer more appropriate name?) Yes 1996
???? ???? Battle of Red Cliffs No One supposed dump in Gens Plus-specific "mdx" format circulates poorly but no clue whether or not it's legit because it behaves wonky — assume No Apparently a port of Warriors of Fate. Confirmation pls
Wisdom Tree (need to find out which role(s) they did) Wisdom Tree Bible Adventures Yes Yes 1995
Gamtec Gamtec Bomboy/Explosion Kid No No [5](actually, did buyer shoemanbundy say this was the original one? I forget)
???? ???? Chao Ji Da Fu Weng Yes Yes
???? ???? Chinese Chess No (possibly shares the name with Realtec game at end of list) Yes but unconfirmed if it is a good dump or not; only in GoodGen; does it even come from a cart? [6](does this have scans?)
???? (most likely Tomsoft) ???? (most likely Tomsoft) Commandos No Yes but unconfirmed good; not in ROM sets
???? (most likely Tomsoft) ???? (most likely Tomsoft) Death Caliber No Yes but unconfirmed good; not in ROM sets
???? (most likely Tomsoft) ???? (most likely Tomsoft) Deer Hunter No Yes but unconfirmed good; not in ROM sets
???? ???? Dial Q o Mawase! Yes Yes [7]
???? Studio Fazzy Divine Sealing Yes Yes [8] also available in cardboard boxes
Creaton Softech Inc. (TODO confirm which roles) Creaton Softech Inc. (TODO confirm which roles) Dream Poker No No 1995 [9][10][11]
Realtec AV artisan Earth Defense/The Earth Defend Yes though there is also some Han glyphs... US version only Yes
???? ???? (Gamtec?) Elf Wor Yes but there's a lot of other names too Yes
Wisdom Tree (need to find out which role(s) they did) Wisdom Tree Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land Yes Yes
Creaton Softech Inc. (need to find out which role(s) they did) Creaton Softech Inc. Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan Yes Reprint only
???? Chuanpu Feng Shen Ying Jie Chuan Yes but supposedly the cart says something else Yes 1996
???? ???? FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 No No [12](not sure if scans are legit) Hack of FIFA International Soccer? Lots of other such pirates exist with different years/branding, but I have yet to see a ROM of this particular one.
Realtec AV artisan Funny World & Balloon Boy Yes US version only 1993 Yes
Realtec ???? Genipak Yes No
King Tec Information Co., Ltd. Chuanpu Hei Tao 2: Super Big 2 Yes Yes
???? ???? Hua Mu Lan: Mulan Yes(?) Yes
???? ???? Huan Le Tao Qi Shu: Smart Mouse Yes Yes [13] bottom left of first pic; third of second I think so?
???? Chuanpu Imperial Dynasty/帝國王朝 亞瑟傳說篇/di guo wang chao: ya se chuan shuo pian/Imperial Dynasty: Arthur Legend Chapter No No (unconfirmed — see right) 1995 According to this, the dumped Ya Se Chuan Shuo is an alternate printing with at the least a different title screen. Investigation needed.

need to migrate everything

Companies Name Full Name Confirmed? Dumped? Year Relevant Links Are Our Scans Right? Sound Driver
???? (most likely Tomsoft) Iraq War 2003 No Yes but unconfirmed good [14]
???? Ji Chuan Sheng: Mei Shao Nv Pian (or Si Chuan Mahjong?) No No [15]
???? Jiu Ji Ma Jiang II: Ye Yan Bian Yes Yes Yes
Wisdom Tree Joshua & The Battle of Jericho Yes Yes 1994
???? Lei Dian Chuan Shuo II/Thunderbolt II No No [16](unsure if scan is legit)
???? Let's Go No No?? IDK Appears to be a hack of Rock N Roll Racing
Songtly/Jumbo Team Long Yes but might also be "Link Dragon" Yes 1993
Gamtec Magic 7 Block No No [17](does this link have scans?)
C&E Inc. Magic Bubble No Yes 1993
Gamtec Magicard No Yes
Creaton Softech Inc. Ma Jiang Qing Ren: Ji Ma Jiang Zhi Yes Yes
C&E Inc. Ma Qiao E Mo Ta: Devilish Mahjong Tower Yes Yes 1994
???? Meng Huan Shui Guo Pan: 777 Casino Yes Yes
???? (Chuanpu?) Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition Media pictures forthcoming... is there an apostrophe? Yes Appears to use Data East/Side Pocket if that's what Ya Se Chuan Shuo uses... and only Chaunpu has used it :/ Also shoemanbundy said something about Chuanpu being tied to many fighters...
???? (most likely Tomsoft) Pokemon Crazy Drummer No Yes but unconfirmed good
Newstar Electronics Group Professor of English/学习卡英语教授已经 No No [18]
???? Rockheaven No No Appears to be a hack of Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
SKOB San Guo Zhi V Yes Yes
Creaton Softech Inc. Senki Chinese Battle Chess No No [19](does this have scans?)
C&E Inc. Shi Jie Zhi Bang Zheng Ba Zhan: World Pro Baseball 94 Yes Yes 1994
Never Ending Soft Team Shui Hu: Feng Yun Zhuan Yes 1999 version only 1996 1996: [20] bottom right of first pic, fourth of second pic
Chuanpu Shui Hu Zhuan Yes Yes 1996
Wisdom Tree Spiritual Warfare Yes Yes 1994
Gamtec Squirrel King No (Yes?) Yes
Zemina Super Boy 4 Yes No (as in, we do not know if the ROM there is different from the one in the SMS cart or not, even though this version runs in SMS mode)
???? Super Bubble Bobble Yes Yes [Linked]
???? Super Mario 2 1998 No Yes but unconfirmed good 1998? (unconfirmed) At least one Chinese forum credits this to Gamtec...
???? Super Poker No No [21]
Miky TC 2000 Yes (No?) Yes but unconfirmed good
C&E Inc. Taiwan Daheng Yes Yes 1994
???? Tenchi wo Kurau II: The Battle of Red Cliffs/吞食天地2 火烧赤壁 No No Listed on a Chinese forum who credits it to Gamtec and states that it is an action game — could this be the same as Battle of Red Cliffs above? Investigation is needed.
???? Tenchi wo Kurau III: Sangokushi Gaiden/Chinese Fighter III/吞食天地3 三国外传 No Yes but not being actively circulated and not confirmed good Listed on a Chinese forum and credits it to Gamtec. More investigation is needed.
???? (Gamtec?) Tiny Toon Adventures 3 No (cart pic forthcoming) Yes
???? Top Fighter 2005 格闘王 No Yes [22] Chinese translation of Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII.
Miky Truco '96 Yes Yes but not confirmed good
SKOB (SC version: ???) Tun Shi Tian Di III Yes Yes, both versions
Realtec/AV artisan Whac-a-Critter/Mallet Legend Yes US version only 1993
Gamtec Wu Kong Wai Zhuan Yes Yes, but from a piracy group (header says Sky Alliance in GBK encoding)
Gamtec Xiao Monv: Magic Girl Yes Yes
C&E Inc. Xin Qi Gai Wang Zi Yes Yes but both are possibly from pirate copies 1996
Chuanpu Ya Se Chuan Shuo Yes but two packages are known to exist Yes but see left 1996
???? Yang Jia Jiang: Yang Warrior Family Yes Yes
???? (need to read) You Xu Shen Jie No No Supposed manual scans
Realtec Zhong Guó Xiàng Qí No No [23]
Senchi Technology/Jumbo Zhuo Gui Da Shi: Ghost Hunter Yes Yes 1994

Squirrel Additions

I know this stuff will end up in the above list but I need a way to track what I'm doing too =P

Companies Name Full Name Confirmed? Dumped? Year Relevant Links
A Bug's Life Yes
Aladdin II Yes
Kukuzz Harry Potter Yes 2004
Hercules II Yes
Mortal Kombat 5 Yes
Pocket Monster Yes
Pocket Monster II Yes
Pokémon II No [24] Since this appears almost identical to Harry Potter it could be another one by KuKuzz. // [25] bottom right
Pokemon Stadium Yes [26] bottom left
Rockman X3 Yes
Sonic Jam 6 No Yes Hack of Super Mario 2 1998. Supposedly one dumped by drx matchines a [f1] one in GoodGen — apparently the original GoodGen dump was overdumped? Investigation needed...
Soul Blade Yes
Super Donkey Kong 99 Yes There's also Super King Kong 99 - that's been dumped too.
Super Mario World No Yes
Super Mario World 64 No [27] [28] why do people insist on making videos rather than dumping games // [29] top right is original (well duh there's no dump of this yet =P )
Tekken 3 Special Yes [30] top left
The Lion King II Yes
The Lion King 3 Yes
Glorysun The Lord of the Rings Yes Chinese Fighter hack.
The King of Fighters '98 Yes
Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII Yes
Virtua Fighter 2 vs. Tekken 2 Yes


| colspan=3|'''GAMES WITH UNKNOWN NAMES'''

|'''EXACT NAME UNKNOWN'''<br>16 Tile Mahjong II<br>十六張麻將 香豔美人篇<br>shi liu zhang ma jiang: xiang yan mei ren pian<br>"16-Tile Mahjong: Sublime Beauty Edition"
|[ Search for any of the names listed here on this page.] There are three other porno mahjong games from China that are dumped... none of them have this title screen.
|'''EXACT NAME UNKNOWN'''<br>Imperial Dynasty<br>帝國王朝 亞瑟傳說篇<br>di guo wang chao: ya se chuan shuo pian
|[ According to this, the dumped] ''[[Ya Se Chuan Shuo]]'' is an alternate printing with at the least a different title screen. Investigation needed.

|''[[Bomboy]]''/''[[Explosion Kid]]''
|Carts do circulate, but a ROM has not yet been dumped. [ According to this video], the cartridge was packed in with the [[Dynacom Megavision]]... Exact name unknown.
(this one might be dumped by shoemanbundy before I re-add it to the list lol he bought the copy I was looking at)

|''[[Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan]]''
|Possibly bad dumped
|The ROM we have does not show [ Creaton's copyright logo on the title screen (and due to the way the tiles are stored in ROM, the sun on the top left corner is also missing)] — the code to load those tiles had the necessary subroutine call replaced with three nops. The ROM header says "(C) WINSEN.Co.Ltd 2001" so it's likely this is a reissue or reprint — investigation is needed.
(should change that to wrong version)

|''[[Hangman SG]]''
|[ So recently released and in such small amounts that ... yeah.] The guy plans to make another run, so the eventual number of revisions unknown.

|''[[Lei Dian Chuan Shuo II]]''/''[[Thunderbolt II]]''
|[ Unlicensed shoot-'em-up.] [ More info on this page.] Exact name unknown.

|''[[Magic 7 Block]]''
|Exact name unknown.
|''[[Magic Bubble]]''
|Bad dump
|This game is so elusive very little information is known about it. [ It is known] that [[Super Fighter Team]] now owns its copyright, but exactly what he has done with the copyright is currently unknown (or if he even did release an English version), and may actively prevent even the original version from being dumped. A bad dump of this original version was dumped by drx from a damaged cart sent to him by someone in a package full of unlicensed cartridges of varying quality.

|''[[Monsters inc.]]''
|[ An entry on this page on BootlegGamesWiki (a Wikia) is all that's known about this unlicensed title.]
(actually I think this one has been dumped and it's a hack)

|''[[Pier Solar and the Great Architects]]''
|Main ROM undumped; pre-order CD dumped
|Released in December 2010, so its developers are trying to prevent piracy. Four revisions are known to exist: EU, US, JP and the Reprint Edition.
|''[[Pokemon II]]''
|[ Unlicensed hack of the unlicensed] ''[[Harry Potter]]'' game — completely different from ''[[Pocket Monsters II]]''.

|''[[Shui Hu: Feng Yun Zhuan]]''
|Original 1996 version undumped; 1999 rerelease dumped
|''[[Shizen Mahjong]]''
|[ An entry on this page on BootlegGamesWiki (a Wikia) is all that's known about this unlicensed title.] Exact name unknown.

|''[[Soul Edge vs Samurai Spirits]]''/''[[Final Samurai]]''/''[[Shì Hún V]]''/''[[Soul Euge vs Sumurai Spirits]]''
|[ This is all that's known about this unlicensed game.]

|''[[Super Boy 4]]'' MD
|Unsure if the ROMs are identical or not — see ''Phantasy Star'' above.
|''[[Super Mario World 64]]''
|Reason why undumped unknown. [ At least two printings are known to exist; whether or not they have any differences remains to be seen.]
(this one is causing the dumpers great difficulty)

|''[[Tanks: New Battle]]''/''[[Tanks 2in1]]''
|[ Unlicensed hack of a homebrew port of the NES game ''Battle City''.] [ These Russian sites have the only known info.] This might not actually exist... someone needs to confirm it :/

|''[[Wù Kōng Chuán Shuō]]''/''[[Wu Kong Wai Zhuan]]''/''[[Legend of Wukong]]''
|''Wù Kōng Chuán Shuō''/''Wu Kong Wai Zhuan'' pirate dumped, ''Legend of Wukong'' undumped
|Wu Kong Wai Zhuan: header has "卡带由天空联盟的梦天捐赠" in GBK encoding; this mentions the piracy group Sky Alliance<br>Legend of Wukong: [[Super Fighter Team]] recent release; they are trying to prevent all forms of distribution except resale. While the game continues to be sold, the exact number of revisions are unknown.
|''[[Xin Qi Gai Wang Zi]]''/''[[Beggar Prince]]''
|''Xin Qi Gai Wangzi'' dumped, ''Beggar Prince'' undumped
|[[Super Fighter Team]] recent release; they are trying to prevent all forms of distribution except resale (despite having not sold the game in a while). Three manufacturing runs were made; the exact number of revisions are unknown.
|''[[Zhong Guó Xiàng Qí]]''
|Rather rare, though copies are known to circulate and screenshots exist. [[Realtec]] game, so be wary of its mapper. Actual name unknown.