Sega Park Basildon

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Sega Park Basildon
Location: Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
Google maps: 51.568907,0.460053
Opened: 199x
Closed: 2005

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Sega Park Basildon was an indoor Sega Park arcade located in the Eastgate Centre (Unit 74-75) in Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom. The arcade was situated on the upper floor by the food court.

Information about this venue is unknown - it's exact opening and final closing dates are not known, however the Basildon council website lists Sega Park as occupying the unit until around 2005.

The arcade's former unit is now accompanied by a Hairdressing Salon.


The venue originally housed many video games, although by the time the Leisure Exchange operated the venue, a heavily focus on gambling machines was placed. However, unlike other venues it retained much of the Sega decor beforehand, such as wall-art based on Virtua Cop and Sega Rally.

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