Zaxxon Super Game

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Zaxxon Super Game
System(s): Adam
Publisher: Coleco
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Coleco Adam
$? 14610

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Zaxxon Super Game, casually known as Super Zaxxon (not to be confused with the official Super Zaxxon), is a version of Zaxxon for the Coleco Adam computer. It was released in 1984 exclusively in North America.

Originally planned for release on the ColecoVision (utilising the scrapped "Super Game Module" peripheral), Zaxxon Super Game takes advantage of the Adam's superior technical specifications to bring back many of the features missing in the "standard" ColecoVision version of the game. Extra content aside, it is mostly identical to the ColecoVision version of the game, and does not add anything not seen in the original arcade version of Zaxxon.

Zaxxon Super Game was only officially released on compact cassette, however it was unofficially adapted and sold on a cartridge in August 2012.

Physical scans

Adam, US (cassette)
ZaxxonSuperGame Adam US Box.jpg
Adam, US (disk)
ZaxxonSuperGame Adam US Box Back Disk.jpgNospine.pngZaxxonSuperGame Adam US Box Front Disk.jpg
ZaxxonSuperGame Adam US Disk.jpg

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