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The bloke that probably does a bit too much




Things to do at some stage

unless of course someone wants to do it for me

Cover artists

Takashi Akaishizawa

For another day

tat to verify


super star game

persian sega

guys i think we need more mega drive 2 clones because theres clearly not enough +

most of these have product code "9901"

"Dreamcast Premiere" - European PC disc with art assets from 2000.

dates and ting

  • The Second Future Entertainment Show (1993 11-11 11-14): stuff
  • Toshimaen "Vs Saturn", a theme park in Toyko:
  • ECTS 99: Sega didn't go. Other Dreamcast games did.

A list of awkward arcade machines

someone else can take the lead here

where does saddam hussain keep his spices

"that's a lot of cartridges"

PicClick. It's like an image search for eBay, except it isn't (but it often returns lovely high-resolution images of stuff). Obviously its success is determined by what's up for auction, so it's something to revisit at a later date. I've already used it to grab 4820394832 images of controllers

For the most part I haven't marked any of these recent uploads as "good"... because they're not strictly scans in most cases. But they might still qualify - someone else can take a look. -Black Squirrel (talk) 15:07, 20 December 2013 (CST)

double packs

Telstar Double Value Games:


  • Lucky Dime Caper/Castle of Illusion
  • Lucky Dime Caper/NewZealand Story
  • Speedball 2/The Terminator


  • Lucky Dime Caper/Castle of Illusion
  • Simpsons Bart vs Space Mutants/Batman Returns
  • Lucky Dime Caper/Talespin


  • 100% Adventure: Rocket Knight Adventures/Chuck Rock II
  • 100% Adventure: Wiz n Liz/Puggsy
  • 100% Combat: James Bond 007/Captain America
  • 100% Sport: Super Kick Off/Davis Cup World Tour
  • Alien 3/Predator 2
  • Another World/Speedball 2
  • Back to the Future III/Batman Returns
  • Batman/Terminator
  • Corporation/Aquatic Games
  • EA Sports Double Header/Lotus II
  • Flintstones/Lemmings
  • Global Gladiators/World of Illusion
  • Gynoug/Strider
  • LHX Attack Chopper/Shadow of the Beast
  • Lotus Turbo Challenge/OutRun 2019
  • Pit-Fighter/Wrestle War
  • Sonic 1/RoboCod
  • Sonic 2/Bubsy
  • Wrestlemania/Power Monger
  • Zool/James Pond 3

this noise

italian sc-3000 stuff


Hashy Top-In

  • Columns
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Hang-On
  • Pengo

Demo Discs

does not include demo compilations


  • Sega Superstars
  • Yakuza

probably more

Big tasks

If someone starts to dig deep into these I will assist (mostly with scans/photos and fact-checking), but I don't want to do the digging entirely by myself. Too much work and I don't much care for the franchsies in question.

  • Albums - can't be bothered to copy-paste then reformat stuff from VGMdb (and fact-check since they're often wrong). Good chunk done, lots left to do.
  • Beena software (2007-2011). Not that much! List exists, translations iffy
  • Border Break (2008-present) - books, models
  • Hatsune Miku Project hurt my brain (2009-present) - Don't know where Yamaha ends and Sega begins. Lots and lots of merchandise may be out of scope
  • Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking (2003-????) - mangas, toys, anime, weird stuff. Original arcade games used a card system... lots of cards.
  • People that aren't musicans. Please have aliases redirect to developers to benefit the search box. Categories may need reorganisation at a later date
  • Sakura Taisen (1996-present (as stage shows only)) - relatively concrete lists of all books, DVDs, live shows, models and other noise... but it's all a bit too pink for me. This is exceptionally big.
  • Soccer Tsuku (1996-present). Confusing naming scheme, tons of books
  • Toys - everything ever
  • Valkyria Chronicles/Senjou no Valkyria (2008-present (maybe coming to an end?)) - book/DVD lists. 3 and Duel Japanese only. Models and tat undocumented. Easily managable with a push?
  • WCCF (2001-present) - can't tell where Panini ends and Sega begins. 1000+ cards. Ten years worth of arcade games that aren't emulated
  • Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku (2005-present) - surely has to be a fanbase which understands. Half the games are Japanese exclusive

the longer some of these are left, the bigger and more confusing these franchises will get. Feel free to jump in!