Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

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Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection
Publisher: Sega
Game total: 40 + 9 unlockable
System(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Save file size: PlayStation 3 "At least 3MB" hard disk space
Genre: Compilation

Release Date RRP Code
Xbox 360 US $? 68034
Xbox 360 US (Platinum) $? ?
Xbox 360 EU £? €? ?
Xbox 360 EU (Classics) £? €? ?
Xbox 360 AU $? ?
Xbox 360 AU (Classics) $? ?

PlayStation 3 US $? BLUS-30259
PlayStation 3 EU £? €? BLES-00475
PlayStation 3 EU (Essentials) £? €? ?
PlayStation 3 AU $? ?
PlayStation 3 AU (Essentials) $? ?
PlayStation 3 KR ₩? ?

Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, known as Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection in North America, is a compilation of numerous Sega Mega Drive games for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. It can be seen as a spiritual sequel to Sega Mega Drive Collection.

Each of the games can be upscaled to high-definition (720p), and the graphics can be de-pixelated through the use of an optional screen filter. Each game is given three savestates which allows players to save at any point in the game and restart from that point later. In addition there are options to adjust the volume levels of the game sound, music, and sound effects. Each standard game has a museum section which contains game info, trivia, and cartridge and game case images.

There are also unlockable games and interviews with the original game developers. The Xbox 360 version includes achievements and the PlayStation 3 version includes trophies.

Disappointingly, the lock-on feature of Sonic & Knuckles is not included in any version, and thus Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Knuckles in Sonic 2, and Blue Sphere are not in the game. Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collections producer, Ethan Einhorn, stated that in order for those games to be included, the other unlockable games would have had to be dropped in order to have enough time to get the lock-on feature working. [1]

Like Sega Mega Drive Collection before it, the game contains a number of unlockables that were released on other home consoles and arcade platforms.

Game List

Unlockable Games

Unlockable Interviews

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes for each (Sonic-related) game can be found on the following pages:


Physical Scans

PlayStation 3 version

PlayStation 3, US
Sonics UGC PS3 US box.jpg
Sonics UGC PS3 US disc.jpg
PlayStation 3, EU
Ultimate Collection PS3 Pegi.jpg
PlayStation 3, AU
Ultimate Collection PS3 AU.jpg
SMDUC PS3 AU Disc.jpg
PlayStation 3, AU (Essentials)
SMDUC PS3 AU Box Essentials.jpg
PlayStation 3, UK
Ultimate Collection PS3 UK.jpg
PlayStation 3, UK (Essentials)
SMDUC PS3 UK Box Essentials.jpg
PlayStation 3, FR
SMDUC PS3 FR Box.jpg
PlayStation 3, FR (Essentials)

PlayStation 3, DE
Ultimate Collection PS3 GE.jpg
PlayStation 3, DE (Essentials)
SMDUC PS3 DE Box Essentials.jpg
PlayStation 3, ES

PlayStation 3, ES (Essentials)
SMDUC PS3 ES Box Essentials.jpg
PlayStation 3, KR
Sugc ps3 kr cover.jpg

Xbox 360 version

Xbox 360, US
Sonics UGC XB360 US box.jpg
Sonics UGC 360 US disc.jpg
SUGC 360 US manual.pdf
Xbox 360, US (Platinum Hits)
SMDUC 360 US Box Platinum.jpg
Xbox 360, EU
Ultimate Collection Xbox 360 Pegi.jpg
Xbox 360, AU
Ultimate Collection Xbox 360 AU.jpg
Xbox 360, AU (Classics)
SMDUC 360 AU Box Classics.jpg
Xbox 360, UK
Ultimate Collection Xbox 360 UK.jpg
Xbox 360, UK (Classics)
SMDUC 360 UK Box Classics.jpg
Xbox 360, FR

Xbox 360, FR (Classics)

Xbox 360, DE
Ultimate Collection Xbox 360 DE.jpg
Xbox 360, DE (Classics)

Xbox 360, ES

Xbox 360, ES (Classics)

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