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Fast Facts on the Genesis 3

Made by: Majesco

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive US 1998 $?  ?

The Genesis 3 console is a bargain-basement model of the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis in North America) that was sold under license by Majesco in 1998. It is often derisively called "the hockey puck" due to its rather squat appearance and limited capabilities (as compared to earlier models). No official variants of the Genesis 3 were released outside of North America, as Majesco did not have the rights to sell Sega consoles outside that region. It originally retailed at $50, though the price quickly dropped to as low as $19.99.

The Genesis 3 lacks the expansion port of its predecessors; hence, the Sega Mega-CD is incompatible with it. The vast majority of Mega Drive games work with the Genesis 3. The few things that do not work involve hardware attachments like the Sega 32X and the Master System Converter and specific games that use external processors such as Virtua Racing. However, it has been shown that with minimal modification, a Genesis 3 can use the 32X, Virtua Racing, and the Master System Converter.

The redesigned console is extremely light in comparison to its earlier counterparts. With two gamepads plugged in the console will be outweighed so greater care must be taken when used.

A bug in the console's I/O controller that prevented the "TAS" instruction from working correctly was fixed in the Genesis 3. However, some games that incorrectly used this instruction, such as Gargoyles, will no longer run correctly, since they expected the instruction to do nothing. The cartridge slot on the Genesis 3 is a slightly different shape than that of previous versions, which allows Japanese Mega Drive games to be played on the system, assuming that the games did not check the system's region code itself.

The console also shipped with six button controllers, the only official North American release to do so. Two official bundles of the system are known to exist - one which has one control pad, and another with two. Numerous unofficial models were released in South America.

Physical Scans

Mega Drive, US (1 pad)
Genesis3 US Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, US (2 pads)
Genesis3 MD US Box Back 2Pads.jpgNospine-small.pngGenesis3 MD US Box Front 2Pads.jpg
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