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Rage Games
Founded: 1992
Defunct: 2003-01
T-series code: T-407
Martins Building, Water Street, Liverpool, Mersyside, L2 3SP, United Kingdom[1]

Rage Games Ltd. was an English video game development studio. It was founded by Paul Finnegan in 1992 as Rage Software Ltd.

The company was acquired by B.C.E. Holdings plc in December 1994, which later changed its name to Rage Software plc and eventually Rage plc. This prompted the studio to rename itself Rage Games Ltd. in 1996. Towards the end of the decade the company extracted itself from the merger.

Swordfish Studios was set up as a sister company to Rage Games in 2002, which then acquired Rage for £1. The studio went into liquidation in January 2003 following the withdrawal of its manufacturing credit facility by its bankers.

Big hits for Rage Games were the Striker series of football games.


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