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Sega Toys
Founded: 1998-04
Defunct: 2024-04
T-series code: T-418
Tokyo, Japan

Sega Toys (セガトイズ) was a subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings that specializes in designing and manufacturing toys.


Sega Toys was founded when Tokyo-based Yonezawa Toys, Japan's largest post-War toy manufacturer, was merged into Sega Enterprises in 1994. Prior to the merge, Sega usually worked with third-party toy makers like Honjō-based, Canelon Toys, Tokyo-based toy Konno Sangyo Co. Ltd and others. The new company was known as Sega Yonezawa until April 1998, when its name was changed to Sega Toys. Around this time, Sega Toys took over hardware and software production for the Sega Pico from Sega Enterprises, and Sega Toys has been in charge of the Pico brand since.

Since the early 2000s Sega Toys has become a mostly separate entity from Sega, with its own management structure and goals. Thanks to UFO Catcher and its many derivatives, the two often work together - Sega produces arcade equipment, while Sega Toys produces the prizes. Sega Toys has also produced its own video games such as Bikkuriman 2000 Viva! Festival! and Boku Doraemon, and even has its own T-series code.

Though owned by Sega, not all Sega Toys-related video games are dealt with by Sega itself, such as Sega Toys' popular Ocha-Ken range whose video game adaptions were produced by MTO.

The division's current president is Yoshiharu Suzuki.

On April 1, 2024, Sega demerged its amusement machine business (as well as Dartslive and Sega Logistics Service) and merged that division with Sega Toys to become Sega Fave.


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