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Sega Ages 2500 was a range of budget-priced games released for the PlayStation 2 console between 2003 and 2008. The name of the range references both the classic gaming focus and the 2500 yen retail price of games in the series. Initially, the range comprised 3D remakes of classic Sega games by 3D-Ages, a joint venture between Sega and D3Publisher. From late 2004 onwards, Sega assumed control of the project and the focus of the range shifted from remakes to ports and compilations.

The full range of games was released only in Japan. In North America and Europe, various early games from this range were released in the Sega Classics Collection compilations.

In 2012, Sega of Japan started rereleasing entries in the series as digital downloads for PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Network, albeit out of order (first Dragon Force, then Dynamite Deka, then Gunstar Heroes: Treasure Box, etc.). The rereleases have the Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. # stripped from their names, but are identical (with Sega even linking to the 2500 website for all but Dragon Force, which got a new website). We are unsure if this is part of the new Sega Ages Online set (which has its own releases).


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