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Bingo Theater
System(s): Medal game
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Prize

Number of players: 1-8[1]
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Medal game)
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Bingo Theater (ビンゴシアター) is an arcade medal game created by Sega. It is the first Bingo game made by Sega since Bingo Galaxy in 2007, 16 years prior[3] (not counting Bingo Drop from 2012). It contains 3 bingo games: Saiyuki (or Journey to the West), Aladdin and Lost Mine, as well as Amazing Bingo, a game of chance which can be played at the same time as the other 3 regular games[4].


Regular games

BingoTheater Saiyuuki GameScreen.jpg

Saiyuki[5] (西遊記)
5x5 bingo card. The player gets bingo when at least 3 squares in a line activate, with higher payout per square. Other methods to score also exist, such as "4 Corners", which happens with the 4 corner square are activated. Using the "Magic Square", the player can rotate the 4 squares in a corner, placing the numbers in different positions.

BingoTheater Aladdin GameScreen.jpg

BingoTheater Aladdin FeatureGacha.jpg

  • BingoTheater Aladdin GameScreen.jpg

  • BingoTheater Aladdin FeatureGacha.jpg

Aladdin[6] (アラジン)
5x5 bingo card. The player wins when 5 squares in a line are activated. After placing a bet, a gacha game begins with random items summoned by the magic lamp. The different items the player receives can be used on the card, with various possible effects. Items can be chained together to win an instant bingo.

BingoTheater LostMine GameScreen.jpg

Lost Mine[7] (ロストマイン)
An RPG-style game, where the player and a group of enemies each have a 3xY bingo card. The horizontal line of squares (Y) can change throughout the battle, and the player influences this change by placing an area expansion lottery bet. The player wins if the values in their card are higher than the enemies' card, opening up the next stage. Each stage results in increasing payout from the treasure chest when cleared. There are also bonus stages.

Amazing Bingo

Amazing Bingo is a game of chance that can be played simultaneously with any of the previous 3 games. It can only be played after collecting the 5 JP steps B, I, N, G and O throughout the game. It takes place on a 5x5 bingo card, and when the player activates all 25 cards, they will be awarded with a "Perfect Achievement" (パーフェクト達成) and unlock Jackpot Challenge. If the player hits even one number with a ball, the game continues, perfect score or not.

In Jackpot Challenge, the jackpot mechanism at the top of the cabinet commences. The LED lights begin to rotate once a ball goes into the mechanism. The rotation will eventually stop and either light up in yellow or rainbow colours. If it is rainbow, the player wins the jackpot. If yellow, the lottery continues with the "Jackpot Square" (JACKPOTマス) and "Challenge End Square" (チャレンジ終了マス) areas raised by one. Thus, the player can win an even bigger jackpot if it stops at rainbow the following go-around.

BingoTheater AmazingCircus GameScreen.jpg
Amazing Bingo
BingoTheater AmazingCircus GameScreen.jpg
BingoTheater JackpotChallenge LED.jpg
Jackpot Challenge LED
BingoTheater JackpotChallenge LED.jpg


Festibattle[1] (フェスティバトル) is a competitive survival game for when multiple players are using the different screens on the cabinet. It can only be played by entering a randomly generated number into the "Festibattle Exhibition Chance Game" (フェスティバトル開催チャンスゲーム). Various balls of different colours, each corresponding to one of the players, are launched on the board and can fall down holes. The last ball remaining on the board determines the winning player, and their ranking determines whether they earn a JP step or directly go to Jackpot Challenge.

BingoTheater Festibattle Reward1.jpg
Reward for placing 1st
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward1.jpg
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward2.jpg
Reward for placing 2nd
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward2.jpg
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward3.jpg
Reward for placing 3rd
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward3.jpg
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward4.jpg
Reward for placing 4th~5th
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward4.jpg
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward5.jpg
Reward for placing 6th~8th
BingoTheater Festibattle Reward5.jpg

My Pockeroulette

My Pockeroulette (マイポケルーレット) is a portmanteau of ""My Pocket"" and "Roulette". It is a roulette which can offer various benefits, including 5 JP steps and instant Jackpot Challenge. The player can also earn experience points, but only when using Aime.

BingoTheater MyPockeroulette1.jpg
Winning at My Pockeroulette
BingoTheater MyPockeroulette1.jpg
BingoTheater MyPockeroulette2.jpg
BingoTheater MyPockeroulette2.jpg


By completing missions, the player can get various items such as clothing for their in-game character.

BingoTheater Mission.jpg
BingoTheater Mission.jpg


Location testing

Location tests
Venue Start date End date Comments
Round One Yokohama-eki Nishiguchi-ten[3] 2023-03-10[3] 2023-03-12[3][8]

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