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Sonic the Hedgehog never looked better.

There is an abundance of bootleg versions of Sega games sold around the world, particularly in markets where copyright law has not been properly respected. Sega Retro is attempting to document as many as possible, however given the huge volumes of games, it may not be possible to create a complete list.

The origins of most bootlegs are not known, although it is thought the majority originate from China, Taiwan and Russia, and are still being produced to this day. This list should only cover those which are "professionally" manufactured and sold at retail, not one-off carts produced at home by collectors or fans.

For many countries in the world, bootleg copies were the only feasible way of experiencing video games, and therefore many of these cartridges play an important role in Sega's history (meaning it is within the scope of Sega Retro).

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