Virtua Fighter Portrait games

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During the mid-1990s, the developers at Sega AM2 were at the height of 3D graphics. For unknown reasons, a decision was made to release a dozen pieces of software to demonstrate this fact, known collectively as the Virtua Fighter GC Portrait series. Sega took the eleven characters from Virtua Fighter 2, created artwork of them in various situations, and placed the contents on Sega Saturn discs. Accompanying the images is the character's theme tune, which can be sung as part of a karaoke mode.

Saturn versions have been collectively grouped as part of Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Collection, released as a bonus CD with Virtua Fighter Remix in Europe. In Japan, collecting all of the spinecards and sending them back to Sega would grant you the eleventh disc - Dural. Predictably this makes the Dural disc very rare.

There were also two Sega Game Gear games belonging to the GG Portrait series. Here the two characters (Arika and Pai) resemble their Virtua Fighter Kids counterparts.