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Mega Drive version

Level skip

ChuckRock MD LevelSkip.png

On the title screen, press A B Right A C A Down A B Right A (ABRACADABRA). Chuck will grin if entered correctly.

Now during gameplay, holding A and pressing Up and Down will change the level, while Left and Right will skip to different sections of the level.

Master System version

Level skip

When turning on the system, hold Down-right+1 on the first control pad and Down on the second. Now during gameplay you can skip to the next level by pressing 2 on the second pad.

Game Gear version

Invincibility and level skip

Enter 2FLAF as a password. This will make you invincible, and allow you to skip levels by pressing  START .

Action Replay

Code Effect Reference
00C08E03 Infinite Lives [1]
00C08F06 Infinite Energy [1]
00C08C0x Level select (2-4) [1]


Chuck Rock

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