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Cinemaware Corporation was an American video game development company headquartered in California. Founded in January 1986 by Robert and Phyllis Jacob, it specialized in computer games based on classic film genres, and is most known today for the hybrid action/adventure title It Came from the Desert. Despite their high ambitions to enter the home console market, Cinemaware was ultimately never able to release a game on Sega's platforms.


As a result of internal issues and losses of sales due to piracy, Cinemaware eventually went bankrupt in 1991. The company's assets and intellectual property were later acquired in 2000 by Lars Batista and Sean Vesce and reformed under the same name. This later Cinemaware focused on distribution new version of classic titles, as well as developing follow-ups to the company's more well-known games (such as It Came from the Desert: The Action Game – Extended Cut).

In October 2005, Cinemaware was acquired by and merged into fellow American game developer eGames.


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