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Home Entertainment Suppliers
Founded: 1984
Unit 1/128 Bonds Road, Riverwood, New South Wales 2210, Australia
Unit 4/92 Bryant Street, Padstow, New South Wales 2211, Australia

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Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd. (or HES) is an Australian-based video game company.

HES started life distributing games for home computers (namely the Commodore 64) in Australia. It acquired a license from Activision to distribute games in the late 1980s, which in turn means it has distributed ports of Sega games. HES later went through a phase of publishing games for systems without a license, most notably for the Nintendo Entertainment System but also for the Sega Master System, in which it released 4 Pak All Action in 1995.

HES still exists today, distributing games in Australia as well as accessories, including those by MadCatz and Saitek.

Accessories produced