Kamen Rider 555

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Kamen Rider 555
System(s): Sega Pico
Publisher: Bandai
Licensor: Ishimori Pro, TV Asahi, Asatsu-DK, Toei
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Pico
¥4,9804,980 T-133450

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Kamen Rider 555 (仮面ライダーファイズ555) is a Sega Pico game based on the Kamen Rider 555 television show.

Physical scans

Pico, JP
KR555 Pico JP Box.jpg
KR555 pico jp manual.pdf

Technical information

Main article: Kamen Rider 555/Technical information.


  1. GDRI (as mentioned in Arc System Works 25th Anniversary Official Character Collection)

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