Konna Ko Iru Kana (toys)

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The Konna Ko Iru Kana (こんなこいるかな) series, is a set of toys manufactured by former toy manufacturing company Canelon Toys and distributed by Sega in Japan, based on NHK's adaptation of the original "Mr. Men" and "Little Miss" television series, based on the Mr. Men series of children's books by English author and illustrator Charles Roger Hargreaves[1], broadcast in Japan from April 1986 to March 1991 as part of NHK's children's television program Okaasan to Issho (おかあさんといっしょ, With Mother), the longest running children's show in Japan.


Code Name Box scans Images Region Date Price Documentation Description
Konna Ko Iru Kana Finger Puppet Set[2][3] (こんなこいるかな 指人形)
KonnaKoIrukana Finger Puppet Set JP Toy Box Back.jpgKonnaKoIrukana Finger Puppets JP Toy.jpg
KonnaKoIrukana Airplane JP Toy Box Back.jpgKonnaKoIrukana Airplane JP Toy Box Front.jpg
KonnaKoIrukana Airplane JP Toy.jpg
What (なあに, Nāni)
KonnaKoIruKana Nani JP Toy Box Front.jpg

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