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System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Developer: Park Place Productions, Ocean Software
Supporting companies: Fat Box (sound and music)
Licensor: DC Comics
Planned release date(s): 1996-05[1], 1996-10[2]
Genre: Fighting
Status of prototype(s): Prototype dumped
Sound driver: GEMS

Lobo is an unreleased Mega Drive fighting game developed by Ocean of America. It is based off the DC Comics book series of the same name, and was due to be released in the Winter of 1996. A Super Nintendo version was also planned, but both copies were cancelled last minute.

The game uses pre-rendered graphics, similar to Donkey Kong Country or Mortal Kombat, and also makes use of the Mega Drive Six Button Control Pad.

A prototype of the Mega Drive version was released by SEGASaturno.com in September 2009 after generating 390€. It is unknown if any Super NES copies of the game exist. In this prototype there are six playable characters; Lobo, Shaola, Nitro, Dox, Kringle and Loo, each with their own stage. Only Lobo is available during the "Solo" mode.


Development began at Park Place Productions but was likely finished by Ocean of America.

Production credits

  • Sega Programming and Design: Donald W. Landon
  • Sound and Music: FAT BOX
Ocean of America
  • Introduction and Title Screen
    • Model Building: Jonathan Casco, Alan Pashley, K.C. Murphy
    • Texture Mapping: Shane Moura, Mike Cicchi, Mark Pitcher
    • Degradation: Mark Pitcher
  • Character Selection Screen
    • Model Building: Keith Bachman
    • Texture Maps: Mike Cicchi
    • Degradation and Cleaningup: Bill Yeatts, Mark Pitcher
  • Characters
    • Clay Modeling: Shane Moura, Bart McLaughlin, Brett McLaughlin, Alan Pashley, Metropolis Digital Inc.
    • Model Digitization: Viewpoint Datalabs, Bart McLaughlin, Brett McLaughlin
    • 3D Modeling: Shane Moura, Bill Yeatts, Adrian Ludley, Jonathan Casco, Metropolis Digital Inc.
    • Texture Mapping: Shane Moura, Mark Pitcher, Jonathan Casco, Alan Pashley, Bill Yeatts, Adrian Ludley, Mike Cicchi, Cindy Ahuna
    • Image Processing: Cindy Ahuna
    • Degradation: Mark Pitcher, Brett McLaughlin, Adrian Ludley, Bart McLaughlin, Jonathan Casco, Bill Yeatts
    • Cleaningup: Mark Pitcher, Jonathan Casco, Brett McLaughlin, Bill Yeatts, Bart McLaughlin, Adrian Ludley, Mike Cicchi, Cindy Ahuna
  • Backgrounds
    • Modeling and Set Design: Bill Yeatts, Mike Cicchi, Alan Pashley, Keith Bachman, Mike Cicchi, Cindy Ahuna, Mark Pitcher, Jonathan Casco, Adrian Ludley, Shane Moura
    • Degradation: Adrian Ludley
    • Cleaningup: Adrian Ludley, Mark Pitcher, Bill Yeatts, Jonathan Casco
  • Conceptual Art: Mike Cicchi
  • Additional Art: Mark Pitcher, Brett McLaughlin, Bart McLaughlin, Jonathan Casco, Bill Yeatts, Cindy Ahuna, K.C. Murphy
  • Motion Capture: Biovision
  • Martial Arts: Janet Gee, Tim Kinney, Prof. Bill Dewart
  • Project Leader, Lead Artist: Mark Pitcher
  • Graphics Manager: Adrian Ludley
  • Development Manager: Mark Rogers
  • Special Thanks: Michael, Joshua, Kristine Landon, Victor DeAlmeida, Darin Mason, Eddy Gutierrez, Jason Koopman, Larry Feldman, James Pride, Jason Williams, Alex Kennedy, Andy Weakley, Katy Salkied, Milady Casco, Joyce Eileen, Brett and Norma, Jean Welter, Chuck Satterfield, Carolyn Halstenson, Leonor McLaughlin, Christine Ericson, David Smith, Joanne Rogers, Jasmine Rogers, Yolanda and Marisa McLaughlin, Helen Bicknell
In-game credits

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 b5e09338
MD5 0a9cc02ee4ee9f0d8d1009b3de989db1
SHA-1 749fe1f7581352562a38997cb7323019b6ff1d93
3MB 1996-04 Download.svg (1.14 MB) (info) Page


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