Sega Saturn Address Checker

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Ssaddresschk 01.jpg

The Sega Saturn Address Checker, made by IS Electronics, bears some of the same stickers as the Saturn system bundled with the Cross Products CartDev system. There are 32 LEDs down the right front side of the system, an LED reset switch, XB∀ND on/off switch, and a Stop/Normal switch. There's also a rotary switch on the side to select the region of the system. It functions like a regular Saturn does. The lights are designed to light up only when an application accesses forbidden areas of RAM. The LEDs are mounted on a small PCB internally that contains a few off-the-shelf ICs and two large 100-pin Lattice ispLSI 1032 chips which do the address checking. The PCB and/or the software on the Lattice chips is made by Hudson Soft.