Takashi Sasaya

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Takashi Sasaya
Date of birth: 1985[1] (age 38-39)
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (2008-04[2][3] – )
Role(s): Marketing, Merchandising
Education: Tohoku University (2008)[3]

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Takashi Sasaya (笹谷 崇), also known as the UFO Prince[4] (UFO王子)[5], joined Sega in 2008, working in the marketing section of the merchandising department.[6]

While at university, he gained fame for his skill with prize games such as UFO Catcher, earning him the nicknames Bussashi no Sasaya (ぶっさしの笹谷) and Sukima Hook Sasaya (すきまフック・笹谷, meaning Chink Hook Sasaya). Naturally, his main development endeavours at Sega revolve around crane games and convenience store lotteries, as well as online business, such as launching Sega UFO Catcher Online.[1]

Some of his interests, besides UFO Catchers, include board games, mahjong, horse racing, kendama, reading, and cats.[7]


There are only 2 kinds of prizes. The prizes I've won, and the prizes I will win.

Takashi Sasaya[6][8]

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