Yoshitaka Tezuka

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Yoshitaka Tezuka
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1992-04[1] – 1994-09[1])
Success (1998[1] – 2002[1])
Namco (2002[1] – 2011-06[1])
Taito[1] (?? – 2022-06-30[2])
Role(s): Designer, Director
Education: National Institute Of Technology, Kisarazu College (Control Engineering[3][4], 1992)[1]
Twitter: @SiFi_TZK

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Yoshitaka Tezuka (手塚 忠孝), more commonly known as SiFi-TZK, is a former dubugger at Sega CS1. Afterwards, he was a game designer/director at Success, Namco and Taito. He became a freelancer in July 2022.[1]

Since leaving Sega, they have run several blogs, some focused on game design, and revealed various details about their Sega projects and general Sega company culture/trivia.

He is a fan of Science Fiction or SciFi movies,[5] hence the name SiFi-TZK (the TZK is in reference to his surname Tezuka)

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