Yukinobu Asai

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YukinobuAsai Harmony1994.jpg
Yukinobu Asai
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1992-04[1] – 1995-03[1])
Milky Cartoon (1996-04[1] – 2003-02[1])
Sunny Gapen (2004-04[1] – )
Role(s): Artist
Education: Tama Art University[2][1]

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Yukinobu Asai (浅井 幸信) was an artist at Sega. He joined as a newcomer in 1994[2], but according to his LinkedIn page, first joined in 1992 instead.[1] He left the company in 1995, becoming a director at animation company Milky Cartoon the following year. In 2004, he founded his own company Sunny Gapen, a CG animation and design studio primarily dealing in TV animation and mobile content.[3]

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