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Icon Description
8-BitBayonettaAchievementDontGiveUp.png Dont Give Up
Try again
8-BitBayonettaAchievementDeathFromAbove.png Death From Above
Killed by a flying angel
8-BitBayonettaAchievementAxed.png Axed
Killed by a land angel
8-BitBayonettaAchievementZero.png Zero
Die without scoring
8-BitBayonettaAchievementInTheFace.png In The Face
Kill a land angel
8-BitBayonettaAchievementAntiGravity.png AntiGravity
Double Jump lots during a game
8-BitBayonettaAchievementNinja.png Ninja
Dodge multiple axe attacks in 1 game
8-BitBayonettaAchievementBulletBallet.png Bullet Ballet
Maintain a very high rate of fire
8-BitBayonettaAchievementBonus.png Bonus
Reach a score of 5000
8-BitBayonettaAchievementHighRoller.png High Roller
Finish with a score between 8000 and 13000
8-BitBayonettaAchievementHighScore.png High Score
Reach a score of 13000 or more
8-BitBayonettaAchievementBouncy.png Bouncy
Single jump 30 times
8-BitBayonettaAchievementUnlimitedAmmo.png Unlimited Ammo
Fire 1000 bullets
8-BitBayonettaAchievementVerySpecific.png Very Specific
Finish with a very specific score
8-BitBayonettaAchievementAddicted.png Addicted
Launch the game multiple times
8-BitBayonettaAchievementBayonetta.png Bayonetta
Kill a lot of angels


8-Bit Bayonetta

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