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Action 52
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Active Enterprises
Supporting companies:
Original system(s): Nintendo Entertainment System
Developer(s) of original games: Active Enterprises
Game total: 52
Sound driver: GEMS
Genre: Compilation

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive

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Action 52 is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive game compilation multicart developed by FarSight Technologies and published by Active Enterprises. An extensively-redesigned port of the publisher's infamous 1991 Nintendo Entertainment System multicart Action 52, it was released exclusively in the United States in May 1992 at a retail price of $199[2]. While considered far superior to the original NES release, the title remains relatively basic and poor in gameplay design.


Action52 MD MainMenu.png

The first page of the main menu

Each game on the main menu is color coded, with a legend on the first screen when the cartridge is booted up: Expert, Intermediate, Beginner, Two Player and Special. The Directional button is used to navigate the main menu, and  START  or any of the face buttons are used to select one of the games.

All of the games can be exited by pausing with  START  then pressing C while paused on the Controller 1; which will return the game to the title screen.

List of games

Action52 MD GoBonkers.png

Action52 MD GoBonkers Titlescreen.png

  • Action52 MD GoBonkers.png

  • Action52 MD GoBonkers Titlescreen.png

1: Go Bonkers (Expert)
Known simply as "Bonkers" on the in-game list. You control a green ball that will bounce all the way up and all the way down on a vertical field. You can move it left and right with the D-Button. The ball will destroy bricks of matching colors; touching a grey brick with a different color will change the ball's color (however, the ball cannot be changed back to green using the gray bricks with green in the middle). Hitting a Black Cross brick will make you lose one ball and revert the ball color to green. After all colored bricks are removed, simply remove the remaining bricks with green in the middle to clear the level. Also worth mentioning, this is one of the few games of the cart to have a title screen.



  • Notavailable.svg

  • Notavailable.svg

2: Darksyne (Expert)
Darksyne is a multi-directional shooter, in which the player pilots a ship stuck in a room with enemies and is bound by gravity.A shoots; Holding B and using the D-Button will allows for some limited form of motion; Holding C activates the shield, which has limited energy. Destroy all the enemies without hitting the walls of the level to move on to the next.

Action52 MD DynoTennis.png

3: Dyno-Tennis (Two player)
Simple tennis game. Player 1 controls the orange dinosaur, while Player 2 controls the purple one; Left and Right move, C swings. Most points after 10 sets wins.


4: Ooze (Expert)
Platforming run-and-gun where players take the role of the Ooze Boy. C shoots (notoriously, Ooze Boy is not able to shoot while jumping); B jumps. Down crouches; moving while crouched crawls. Falling from too high a slope will kill Ooze Boy. Players are tasked to collect keys throughout each level, in order to progress to the next.

Action52 MD StarBall.png

5: Star Ball (Expert)
A pinball game; A launches the ball, Left flips the left flippers and C flips the right flippers. There appears to be multiple tables; the manual mentions that collecting all bonuses and destroying all the enemies you can, will take to the next table.


6: Sidewinder (Expert)
A shooting game similar to After Burner/G-LOC; enemies attack by firing homing missiles (with a warning popping up on the screen) and the player must dodge them. the Directional button moves the ship around, C fires the cannon.

Action52 MD Daytona.png

Action52 MD Daytona Titlescreen.png

  • Action52 MD Daytona.png

  • Action52 MD Daytona Titlescreen.png

7: Daytona (Expert)
Simple 3D racing game. the goal is to win many races as possible, thereby increasing cash winnings and enter the ultimate race, the "Daytona". Hold C to accelerate; brake with B, Steer with Left and Right and hit A to switch between low and high gears.

Players start the game with $ 3,700 and will be charged an entrance fee to enter each race; with the entrance fee increasing as the races progress. Players must avoid hitting obstacles and other cars; or else the car will take damage and be completely stopped. Payment will be deducted for any damage incurred to the car, and the game ends if the player runs out of money.

Action52 MD 15Puzzle.png

8: 15 Puzzle (Expert)
Action 52's adaptation of Fifteen puzzle. Players must get all the scrambled numbers in order under a 5 minute time limit. Use the Directional Button to move the cursor and C to move the selected block.

Action52 MD Sketch.png

9: Sketch (Expert)
Line art canvas. D-Button moves the pencil. Hold C to draw. B changes pen size. A changes pen color. This is similar to Art Alive! by using the same pencil sprite and other features.

Action52 MD StarDuel.png

10: Star Duel (Two player)
A one on one spaceship battle that plays similar to Asteroids. Controls are similar to Darksyne.

Action52 MD HauntedHills.png

Action52 MD HauntedHills Titlescreen.png

  • Action52 MD HauntedHills.png

  • Action52 MD HauntedHills Titlescreen.png

11: Haunted Hills (Expert)
Known as "Haunted Hill" in-game, and also one of the few games on the card to have a title screen. Tommy Tow is lost in the haunted hills and he must find the way out by collecting all of the hidden diamonds.

D-Button moves Tommy left and right; C makes Tommy attack with his torch, and B jumps.

Action52 MD Alfredo.png

12: Alfredo & the Fettucinni's (Expert)
Known as just "Alfredo" in-game. Alfredo must catch the fettuccini's and pasta's and avoid the sausages and the meatballs flying out from the pot. Alfredo moves by pressing Left and Right.

Action52 MD Cheetahmen.png

Action52 MD Cheetahmen Titlescreen.png

  • Action52 MD Cheetahmen.png

  • Action52 MD Cheetahmen Titlescreen.png

13: The Cheetahmen (Expert)
Use Aries, Apollo and Hercules to find all the stolen cheetah cubs in every level. D-Button moves, B jumps and C attacks. Each of the Cheetahmen has their own attacks;

Hercules punches, Apollo shoots a crossbow and Aries uses his clubs.

Action52 MD Skirmish.png

Action52 MD Skirmish Titlescreen.png

  • Action52 MD Skirmish.png

  • Action52 MD Skirmish Titlescreen.png

14: Skirmish (Two player)
A strategy game where each player controls an army with its objective; to get one of its pieces onto the enemies headquarters. Before starting a game, players must select a battle scenario. The D-Button moves the selection cursor; while C picks up/puts down pieces and fires weapon in combat, and B puts the piece where it was.

Action52 MD Depthcharge.png

15: Depth Charge (Expert)
Players control of an ASW cruiser dropping mines on enemy submarine cruisers and avoiding their missiles. D-Button moves the cruiser left and right, while B releases mines on the sea.
Notavailable.svg 16: Minds Eye (expert)
Action52 MD AlienAttack.png 17: Alien Attack (Expert)
A belt-scrolling shooter in which the player proceed to the right, while defeating the aliens who are trying to take the world. The D-Button moves around, while C fires.
Action52 MD BillyBob.png 18: Billy Bob (Expert)
Action52 MD Sharks.png 19: Sharks (Intermediate)

Action52 MD Knockout.png

20: Knockout (Two player)
A one-on-one boxing game, playable with two players; D-Button moves the fighter around, C punches, and B jumps.


21: Intruder (Intermediate)
Notavailable.svg 22: Echo (intermediate)

Action52 MD Freeway.png

23: Freeway (Intermediate)
Spike's family moved to a new home, but they left some things behind; all of Spike's toys. Help Spike travel safely back and forth across the freeway and carry his bones, frisbees and balls to his new home while avoiding getting ran over by the vehicles. Spike can only carry one object at a time. The D-Button moves Spike around; to pick an object, the player must move spike towards the object.

Action52 MD Mousetrap.png

24: Mouse Trap (Intermediate)
Known in-game as "Mousetrap". Marty the mouse must get all the pieces of cheese before any of the cats get him. The D-Button moves Marty around.
Notavailable.svg 25: Ninja (intermediate)

Action52 MD Slalom.png

26: Slalom (Intermediate)
A skiing game; players must try to get to the bottom of the mountain without hitting any trees; D-Button moves the skier around.
Notavailable.svg 27: Dauntless (intermediate)
Notavailable.svg 28: Force One (intermediate)
Action52 MD Spidey.png 29: Spidey (Intermediate)
Notavailable.svg 30: Appleseed (Intermediate)

Action52 MD StreetSkater.png

31: Street Skater (Intermediate)
Known simply as "Skater" in-game. Control the skater, collecting the portable radios while avoiding the small animals and beach balls. D-Button moves around, while C jumps over objects.
Notavailable.svg 32: Sunday Driver (intermediate)
Notavailable.svg 33: Star Evil (intermediate)

Action52 MD AirCommand.png

34: Air Command (Intermediate)
A vertical shooting game that scrolls from top to bottom. Players take the role of a World War II pilot over enemy territory trying to get home. D-Button moves the bomber around and C fires the cannons.

Action52 MD Shootout.png

35: Shoot Out (Intermediate)
Listed in-game as "Shootout". A shooting gallery game; players must shoot all of the targets with a limited ammunition supply. The D-Button moves the gun left and right, while C fires the pistol.

Action52 MD BombsAway.png

36: Bombs Away (Intermediate)
A running autoscroller. Players control a soldier deep in enemy territory that has been separated from the rest of his unit, and must avoid the barrage of bombs aimed at his direction. D-Button moves left and right, and C jumps.

Action52 MD Speedboat.png

37: Speedboat (Beginner)
Listed in-game as "Speed Boat". Pilot a speeding boat racing to the end of the course, dodging obstacles. D-Button moves the boat around.


38: Dedant (Beginner)

Action52 MD GForceFighter.png

39: G-Force Fighter (Beginner)
Listed as "G Fighter" in-game. Players must escape with a stolen prototype of the enemy's new starship. Move the ship with the D-Button, and fire with C.
Notavailable.svg 40: Man At Arms (Beginner)
Notavailable.svg 41: Norman (beginner)

Action52 MD ArmorBattle.png

42: Armor Battle (Two player)
A one on one tank battle. Gameplay, controls and graphics are the same as Norman.


43: Magic Bean (Beginner)
Based on the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale.

Action52 MD Apache.png

44: Apache Chopper (Beginner)
Known just as "Apache" in-game. Command the Apache gunship through a narrow canyon at a low altitude; destroying any enemy planes, tanks and helicopters in sight.

The D-Button moves the Apache helicopter around, while B fires the Vulcan cannon.

Notavailable.svg 45: Paratrooper (beginner)

Action52 MD SkyAvenger.png

46: Sky Avenger (Beginner)
A Horizontal shooting game that scrolls right-to-left. Players control a helicopter in a reconnaissance mission. The D-Button moves the helicopter, while C shoots the Apache's vulcan cannon.


47: Sharp Shooter (Beginner)
Listed in-game as "Sharpshooter".
Notavailable.svg 48: Meteor (beginner)
Notavailable.svg 49: Black Hole (beginner)

Action52 MD The Boss.png

50: The Boss (Beginner)
The Lizard gang is loose. Collect all of the hidden money bags in the hideout; Left and Right moves, Up and Down climbs the ladders and C shoots.

Action52 MD 1stGame.png

51: 1st Video Game (Two player)
Referred as "1st Game" at the in-game menu. The game itself is a rendition of Pong (which post-dates the first "video game" by many years). The winner is decided between 9 matches.

Action52 MD Challenge Titlescreen.png

52: Action 52 Challenge (Special)
Simply referred as "Challenge" in-game, is an endurance test which puts the player into a random series of the highest levels of the other remaining 46 single-player games.

Action52 MD MusicDemo.png

Music Demo (Special)
Listen to the games' music and sound effects. Press  START  to exit to the title screen.


Randomizer (Special)
The game will randomly select a variety of games to play



Vince Perri gave FarSight Technologies 1 year of developing time for the Mega Drive version of the game.

Mario González, which designed the NES version, did not work in this one.


Like the NES game of the same name, it sold poorly and was met with negative reception.

A Nintendo Super Famicom version of Action 52 was advertised alongside the Sega Mega Drive version, but was ultimately unreleased (presumably due to Active Enterprises' bankruptcy.)

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Com 2001 advert 1 FI.jpg
FI advert (1993)
Com 2001 advert 1 FI.jpg
Compelit advert 1 FI.jpg
FI advert (1993)
Compelit advert 1 FI.jpg
Com 2001 advert FI 3.jpg
FI print advert
Com 2001 advert FI 3.jpg
Print advert in (US) #54: "January 1994" (199x-xx-xx)
Print advert in (US) #57: "April 1994" (1994-xx-xx)
Print advert in (US) #5: "November 1994" (1994-1x-xx)
also published in:
  • (US) #65: "December 1994" (1994-xx-xx)[3]

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