Addiction Pinball

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Addiction Pinball
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Ocean Software
Developer: Team 17
Planned release date(s): 1996
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1

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Addiction Pinball, formerly Ballistic Pinball is an pinball game developed by Team 17. It was set to be released by Ocean Software for the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Windows PC[1] in "the not too distant future"[2] (late 1996) but the console versions did not materialise.

As Ballistic Pinball, the game was to include three tables based on Team 17 properties, Worms, World Rally Fever and Alien Breed. In its final Addiction Pinball form, published by MicroProse/Infogrames in 1998, the Alien Breed table was dropped (and has never been seen in public). The game was later released as Worms Pinball for the PlayStation in late 1999/2000 (with a cancelled Sega Dreamcast port being planned around the same period).

Early versions of Ballistic Pinball were shown to the public (for an unknown platform), demonstrating early iterations of the Worms table. It is not known how far the Saturn version progressed before it was cancelled. Team 17 were predicting the game would need two CD-ROMs to fit the 1.2GB of compressed graphics and audio[3] (the final PC version uses just one disc).

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