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X Board version

DUKE message


Holding  START  along with the vulcan cannon and missile buttons, move the stick to the right and trigger the foot sensor while the game is in demo mode, and the text DUKE will appear. This is apparently a reference to Japanese manga series Golgo 13, whose main character is called Duke Togo. It was added by programmer T.K[1], who is later credited as Duke in Dynamite Dux.

The foot sensor is a safety feature that only exists in the super deluxe cabinet version of the game, meaning this is impossible to perform in the upright or standard sit-down versions of After Burner II.

Unused hidden messages cheat

AfterBurnerII AC hiddenmessage4.png

AfterBurnerII AC hiddenmessage1.png

AfterBurnerII AC hiddenmessage2.png

AfterBurnerII AC hiddenmessage3.png

On the continue screen, pressing vulkan (1) four times, missile (2) two times, and then vulkan (1) from one to four times (to select a specific message) is intended to display four hidden developer messages after continuing the game. However, the code which displays these messages is only set after the the cheat is performed - and resets when the game is continued - leaving the easter egg entirely unused.[2][3]

Mega Drive version

Select stage

AfterBurnerII MD SelectStage.png

On the main menu, press HOLD A+B+C START .


After Burner II

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