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System 18 version


Master System version

In-game credits
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System 18 version

Makoto Uchida

  • Designed the attract mode, creating a single routine video which innovates by showing gameplay, the game's story, and the title superimposed on both of these sequences.[5]

Music credits (System 18 version)

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
00 We Are Busters[2] Yes
01 Cybernate-P[2] Yes
02 Speed Queen![2] Yes
03 Dark Alley[2] Yes
04 Here We Go Go![2] Yes
05 That's G.G[2] Yes
06 Noise of Art![2] Yes
07 Tireless[2] Yes
08 Neuropath[2] Yes
09 100 Yen[2] Yes
0A Theme of Busters[2] Yes
0B Unmee![2] Stage Clear Yes
0C Break Out[2] Advertise Yes
0D Oh My Buddha![2] Yes
0E Player Select[2] Yes
0F 100 Yen Part 2[2] Yes
10 Ulcer[2] Yes
11 Nuclear Dance![2] Yes


Alien Storm

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