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Amsoft logo.png
Founded: 1984
Merged into: Amstrad (1989)
United Kingdom

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Amsoft was a division of Amstrad designed to help supply the Amstrad CPC computer with software in the 1980s.

Due to the abundance of home microcomputers (particularly in the United Kingdom) at the time, Amsoft was created both to commissioning its own titles and share publishing duties with third-parties, spreading the risk associated with supporting (what was then) a new system. It was only meant to exist in the short-term, until the CPC's market share was significant enough for publishers to support the platform in full.

One such company in this arrangement was U.S. Gold, who had planned to bring a number of Sega-licensed games to the platform in 1985/1986. Several were announced, but despite some conversions being completed, all were cancelled. Spy Hunter would eventually release under the Kixx budget label, while Tapper eschews all Amsoft branding on its box (though not in-game).