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Arc Developments
Founded: 1988
United Kingdom

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Arc Developments was a British video game developer formed for former Elite Systems employees Byron Nilsson, Chris Coupe, Paul Walker, and Richard Underhill. The company mainly dealt with porting games to other computers and consoles, but also developed some original titles of their own, namely Johnny Bazookatone, which was also one of their last games. The company was also somewhat secretive, in that they would rarely put credits in their games. This was probably due to the developers being unsatisfied with their video games. It also seems that when they made games for more than one console, they would sometimes have different music in each port. For example, Bart vs. the World for the Atari ST and Amiga have the same music, but the Master System and Game Gear versions have completely different music, and all versions were composed by one of their main composers Andi McGinty.