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The real name of this person is not known.
It was common in the 1980s and early 1990s for Japanese developers to use aliases in credits screens. While many developers have been identifed, this person has not - if you know who this person is, please move the page.
Employment history:
Role(s): Engineer[1]

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Bandit is the alias of an unknown American technical engineer and former employee of American virtual reality company Ono-Sendai, notable for working on development of the unreleased Sega VR headset.[1]


On July 2006, Sega fansite Sega-16 published an interview with an anonymous Ono-Sendai hardware engineer by the alias of "Bandit", which went into great detail concerning the development of the unreleased Sega of America virtual reality headset Sega VR, in addition to the hardware's specifications and possible reasons for its cancellation.[1]

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