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Best of Atari
Publishing label for Atari, SA
Founded: 200x
Defunct: 20xx

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Best of Atari (Formerly Best of Infogrames) was a budget Windows PC video game label owned by publisher Atari, SA that was used in many European territories, including France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.


The budget label was created within 1999-2000, and was used for budget-priced Windows PC titles from Infogrames' catalogue, including ones acquired from companies that Infogrames purchased.

A secondary label - Replay was also used for budget PC titles, although it was first used as a budget label for GT Interactive Software, which Infogrames got the rights to when they purchased the former.

After Infogrames purchased the rights to the Atari brand and subsequently renamed itself Atari, the "Best of Infogrames" label was renamed as "Best of Atari", continuing to be used for budget Windows PC titles. The label was also applied to games that were distributed by the company in certain regions like France or Spain, leading to a curious situation where a first-party Sega title like Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut can be branded as the "Best of Atari" (despite no involvement from the company during development or publication.)