Boat Race Ocean Heats

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Boat Race Ocean Heats
System(s): Sega NAOMI
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Medal

Number of players: 10
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (NAOMI)
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Boat Race Ocean Heats (ボートレースオーシャンヒーツ) is a medal game released for Sega NAOMI arcade hardware. It was one of the first medal games to introduce a touchscreen interface.[2]

Players place bets on miniature model powerboats which race around a pool of real water in the center of the table, while the NAOMI hardware renders a simulated "TV broadcast" of each race on a 50 inch screen. The game features ten player stations, each equipped with a touchscreen terminal and medal payout slot.[3]

Like its predecessor Exciting Boat Race, Boat Race Ocean Heats is based on Kyōtei, (競艇) a real-life powerboat racing event and one of four officially-recognized "Public Sports" on which betting is legal in Japan. All of the races, athletes, and racetracks that appear in Boat Race Ocean Heats are officially recognized by the Japan Federation of Motorboat Racing and the Japan Federation of Motorboat Athletes.



ARCADE LAB wrote that Boat Race Ocean Heats is a realistic simulation of boat racing, and that it was a very popular game which attracted regular customers to his game center. However, he expressed "bitter memories" of operating a first-generation model which had issues with water leakage and peeling paint contaminating the pool.[2]

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