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System(s): Sega System C2
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (System C2)
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Borench (ボレンチ) is a 1990 puzzle game by Sega released exclusively on the System C2 arcade board played on a cabinet with a directional control and two buttons.


A ball rolls down an automatically and independently scrolling track toward a goal. The goal is to place bumpers that guide the ball to the goal before time runs out and without having the ball fall off the track, backtrack, or hit a barrier. To do this, the player places various bumpers on the track with the first button. A ball will only hit the diagonal edge of the track and will change direction likewise; hitting the other edges of a bumper will destroy the ball.

To discard a bumper without placing it, the player can simply drop it outside the track. They can change the speed the ball moves in with the other button. Another placeable object is a plus tile, which can be freely backtracked on.

Production credits

  • MIN
  • HID
  • UCH
In-game high score table

Magazine articles

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